No rain…just HUMIDITY!

Humidity won today – I opened the door to let the dog out this morning and it smacked me in the face!  I said, “no way I’m running in this” so I collected my stuff and headed once again to Anytime Fitness – my membership is coming in very handy this past week  :-)

Today’s workout was a duplicate of Monday, 30 minutes alternating 4 run, 2 walk.  I decided to try a little something different with the speed, I wanted to push it up at each run interval so I would finish the last interval at 5.5.  I usually slow down at the end of my workouts so I thought this would be a good opportunity to start slower and finish faster.

I started the first run segment at 5.1 and increased it .1 at each run interval.  By the last interval I was at 5.5, I even kept running for an additional minute before slowing down to walk…woohoo – small victory.  My overall pace actually improved by a couple of seconds too.  I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to control my pace when I’m running outside again; I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it but there doesn’t seem to be any break in the humidity on the horizon, so I may just keep going to the gym.


Another Rain Out

Today’s rain out was a complete wash out!  Thunder and lightning & torrential down pours…wow, I haven’t seen it rain like that in years!  The new Half Marathon plan I’m following called for a 30 minute workout alternating 4 minutes run with 2 minutes walk.  Instead of waiting for the storm to pass I hopped in the car and went to Anytime Fitness to get my workout done early in the morning.

I was surprised to see the place was kind of empty at 7 am but I was glad not to have to wait for a treadmill.  I hopped on and started my 5 minute warm up walk and then I kicked the speed up to 5.0 for the first run segment, then backed off to 4.0 for the walk.  On the second run segment I set it at 5.3 and on the third I went to 5.5.  I decided to back it down to 5.3 for the fourth and fifth segments; I’ve noticed this little ‘twinge’ on the inside of my left ankle/achilles area after I run so I didn’t want to push too hard.

It was a quick workout and thankfully there was a small break in the down-pour that allowed me to get back to my car without getting soaked – although I was already wet from sweating.

Tomorrow calls for 30 minutes of cross-training, I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do…


Rain out

Well the rainy weather caused us to take our run to the gym, so today was a treadmill run.  One of my running buddies is following a 14 week Half Marathon training program which started this week.  The plan is a run/walk program which progresses over the 14 weeks.  Today’s plan was 5 miles – run 3 mins, walk 2 mins.  I decided to give it a shot since I end up taking walk breaks anyway, I figured it might work out better if I ‘planned’ the breaks instead of waiting until I ‘needed’ the breaks.

I was pleasantly surprised how well I did using this method – I not only had a better overall time but I didn’t feel exhausted at the end.  And since I was on the treadmill, I could control the pace at which I was running – on the run segments I set the pace at 5.5mph and on the walk segments 4.0.  Not only did I feel better during the run segments but having to change the pace every 2-3 minutes made the workout go by more quickly!

Holy smokes, even with all those walk breaks I still averaged a better pace than if I had run for as long as I could before walking…hmmm, maybe there’s something to this run/walk training program!  I’m going to keep following it for the next few workouts and see if I get the same kind of results  :-)


A break in the weather

Wow, what a beautiful morning today…64 degrees, 68% humidity…a girl could get used to this!!!

I had planned to do speed work yesterday but it just did not happen and I wasn’t ‘in the mood’ for it today either so I decided I would do some hill work again.  I picked a route that was a 1 mile loop and ran it three times.  There were a few small hills and one pretty steep hill that I wasn’t sure if I could repeat three times but I decided I’d give it a go.

The first time through didn’t feel too bad but I definitely had to walk after that steep hill.  I followed the same plan as last time, I could walk when needed just not on the hills.  When I picked up running again I tried to ‘hurry’ a little to keep my average down and it appears to have worked…on the first lap.

The second lap was a little slower since I took more walk breaks and by the final lap it was all I could do to get to the top of the hill without stopping – whew! I’m glad that’s over! LOL

I’m happy to see my overall pace was under 13 min/mile…that’s good considering the steep hill and all the walking!!


7.17.14 pace



Looks interesting, anxious to see what he has to say about training techniques.

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Catching up

I’ve got two runs to post about today; my long slow run while in Myrtle Beach and my run this morning.

I planned to run Saturday morning however mother nature had other ideas.  I woke to overcast skies and checked the radar…just my luck a thunderstorm was rolling in.  I got dressed, ate a little breakfast and waited to see what would happen.  Sure enough, the skies opened up and it poured on and off for the next two hours.  I decided there would be no run on Saturday.  We planned to drive home Sunday so I got up early and put in my 4 miles.  Although the route was mostly flat, it was terribly hot and humid, with full sun.  I found myself taking many walk breaks due to getting overheated.  Since this was my long, slow run I really didn’t worry too much about all the walk breaks.


7.13.14 pace

My run this morning was supposed to be an Easy 3 miles.  I wanted to keep the first mile around the 12 min/mile mark and the rest around 13.  As I started running I felt like I was really taking it slow but when I checked my Garmin I was actually doing close to 11 min/mile.  I tried to slow down but I had already fallen into my rhythm so it was difficult to do.  Of course, after the first mile I took several walk breaks which pushed miles 2 & 3 well into the 13 min range.  Not the consistency I was hoping for but I guess I’ll just have to keep working on it  :-)  Tomorrow I plan to run 3 miles while working on speed…this should be fun  :-s


7.15.14 pace



This post will be a little short because we’re leaving for the beach in an hour and I still have to get cleaned up!

Since I’ve got a few weeks before my Half training starts I decided to borrow some training ideas from The Blog Runner and add a little ‘hill’ work to my runs.  Now just to be up front & honest, I hate hills…well maybe hate is a little too strong but I certainly don’t love them!  I decided my run today would be all about hills, I changed my route just to make sure I would hit more hills and some pretty ugly ones that I usually avoid at all costs.  My goal today was to run all the hills, I could walk any other time I needed but not the hills.  And to my utter shock and surprise – I did it!!!  My overall pace wasn’t too shabby either – wow!!


7.10.14 pace

My next run will be a long, slow day just to get some distance but I plan to add speed workouts next week…we’ll see how that goes!!