Playing catch up

I haven’t posted for the last ten days so I have several workouts I need to catch you up on…the most important one being yesterday – but I’ll start in chronological order.

August 9:

Planned workout = 4 miles alternating 4 min run/1 min walk.  As I’ve done so many times before, I started out too fast and I paid for it in the last two miles.  The overall pace wasn’t bad but clearly I need to do a better job of controlling my pace from beginning to end.


August 11:

Planned workout = 36 minutes alternating 5 min run/1 min walk.  I made a concerted effort to start out a little slower so that I could maintain that pace throughout the run and I’m amazed that I actually achieved negative splits!! That’s a first for me…woohoo!

8.11.14 garmin

August 13:

Planned workout = 36 minutes alternating 5 min run/1 min walk.  The humidity was just unbearable this morning so I decided to hop in the car and go to Anytime Fitness to run on the treadmill (at least I know my membership isn’t going to waste!!)  I started out with a pace of 5.2 mph and the last two intervals pushed it to 5.5 which gave me a great overall pace.

8.13.14 mmr


August 16:

Planned workout = 7 miles alternating 4 min run/1 min walk.  Ok, so I have to admit I was a little worried about this distance since I’ve never run that far before (10K is my longest distance) but I was running with my buddies and they gave me the confidence boost I needed.  We decided in advance that we would take a break at the halfway mark and walk that 4 min run interval so we could eat our choice of energy food (I’m using Shot Bloks).

We mapped a route along the main road in town so there was a lot of traffic passing by which offered a much needed breeze as large trucks passed, lol.  The weather was overcast and although the humidity was up, it didn’t feel awful.  I knew that I needed to really pace myself if I hoped to finish the distance and I happened to stumble across an article about ‘junk miles’ which described me to a ‘T”.  Based on this information, I decided I was going to start out even slower than I did during the week – running at a conversational pace.  I quickly found, for me, that pace is somewhere around 13 min/mi.  I had to really focus for those first few miles to make sure I kept my pace around 13, however after that I fell into a rhythm.  During mile 4 I had my planned walk break and nutrition; during mile 6 I doubled back to run/walk with one of my buddies.  She was having a little difficulty so I walked a little while with her.  During mile 7 my left leg muscles were letting me know they were tired so I took a few extra walk breaks.

I’m so excited/impressed that I completed 7 miles!!  Based on the information in that article, running for longer distances at a slower pace will build up my endurance and I can tell you that I felt MUCH better after those 7 miles than I did after 4 miles the previous week.  I didn’t have to stop one time because I couldn’t catch my breath and I didn’t get overheated either!! Wow!  I’m so glad I stumbled across that article!!

8.16.14 garmin

8.16.14 pace-elevation














Groundhog day?

Today’s run was a repeat of Monday’s – 36 min alternating 5 min run, 1 min walk.  Unfortunately, today’s weather was a repeat of Monday as well…72 degrees, 100% humidity…geesh!

I donned my Garmin, set the RunDouble app on my phone for the interval cues, started my music and I was off.  I mapped a little bit different route today so I would have a few more hills…cuz I need to get better at hills!  Today luck was on my side because both times on the same hill I hit a 1 min walk segment…whew!  It didn’t get me all the way to the top but I got enough of a break that I could keep on going.

I had one issue at the beginning, I forgot to start my Garmin on the first run interval so I started it on the first walk interval.  Because of this I’m using the RunDouble stats in this post as it reflects the entire run.  With the additional hills and an extra walk break in segment 3, my average pace was still below 12 min/mi!  Wow… I really feel like I’m making good progress.    :-)

8.6.14 rundouble

The weekend forecast shows a drop in temps (high 75) and a drop in humidity…I sure hope they’re right!!

Hello again Humidity

I feel like a broken record going on and on about the humidity but other than the short break we got over the weekend, it’s just been brutal this year!  I went out this morning for the prescribed 36 minute run and I could feel how difficult it was trying to breath…of course I knew the humidity was up but Garmin says it was 100% again, ugh!

The plan today: alternate 5 min run and 1 min walk x 6 = 36 minutes.  I had gotten used to the 4/2 split and wasn’t sure if 1 min was going to be enough to catch my breath before starting to run again.  I was OK until the 5th and 6th segment (mile 3), about half way through on each one I had to walk for about 30 seconds.  Even with the extra walk breaks I still clocked a faster overall pace than any of the previous workouts!!  Woohoo!  Take that, humidity!!


8.4.14 pace elevation

Making progress

We had more great weather yesterday morning for the 6 mile run prescribed by the HM training program.  I met up with one of my running buddies, K, because L was not feeling well.  We decided to run through my neighborhood so I mapped out a 6 mile out and back route.  We met up at 8am and were on the road shortly thereafter – I didn’t forget my Garmin today!  The program called for the same running pattern as last week, run 4 mins/walk 2 mins.

I’m not sure if it was the cooler weather or the route or that I may be building up some endurance but I felt really good through the majority of the run.  On the last two run intervals I had to dig a little deeper to complete them but my average pace stayed in the 12 range so I’m really happy – AND the fact that my overall pace was 12:32 is a huge improvement!  Woohoo!

I really like this run/walk training program, it’s giving me the confidence to keep going through the workout.  I used to run for as long as I could until I got tired and then I would alternate run/walk but that mentality was not improving my over all time…hmmm, there must be something to this!!


8.2.14 pace elevation

Next week the program changes to 5/1 intervals…wish me luck!


Beautiful morning

Ahhhh, the weather here has taken a surprising turn for the better.  This morning was a cool 65 degrees with only 70% humidity – it was such a treat to run today!!  The HM training plan called for 30 mins alternating 4 run/2 walk.  I programmed my RunDouble app so I would have cues to change at each interval and after I started I realized I had forgotten to put on my Garmin!  I guess since I’ve run at the gym the last few times I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing it…grrr.  Today I have to totally rely on the app for my performance which isn’t a bad thing – I’m just used to having the Garmin too :-(

The other missing component is not knowing what my pace is at the turn of the wrist, so I just ran at a comfortable pace and monitored my breathing to determine if I was pushing to fast.  I’m quite happy with my pace on each run interval staying in the 10-11 min/mi range…woohoo!  I made a mistake when programming the app and I actually went one more run interval than was called for – and it was faster than most of the other intervals…another woohoo!


The next run day is Saturday – another 6 miles – it’s supposed to be just as cool but may also bring some rain.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to running without feeling like I have a car sitting on my chest!


High and Low

Today was filled with highs and lows…the high was this morning during my HM training run.  The program called for 30 min workout alternating 5 min run/1 walk.  I got up early and went to Anytime Fitness because I thought it was going to be another hot, humid morning  (as I left the gym I realized it wasn’t as bad as predicted).  I finished my 30 mins on the treadmill and I ran 2.5 miles…an improvement over the last time I was on the treadmill – but then I realized its only because I was running for a few more minutes instead of walking…either way it works out to a 12min/mi average.  I’ll take it.


The weather forecast is calling for lower temps and lower humidity for my next run on Wednesday – I’ll be running outside for sure.

7.30.14 weather prediction


Now for the low…I can honestly say this was the worst day of my 35 year career!  I had to tell 8 people on my team (of 9) that their positions are being eliminated at the end of Sept.  The company leadership decided to do a huge restructuring and although our team wasn’t the only one hit, we’ve just been obliterated.  I’m still trying to figure out who is going to do all the work that my team does…I guess time will tell.  For now, I’m feeling quite sad.

Half Marathon training begins in full force

The HM training plan I’m following called for 6 miles today, alternating 4 min run, 2 min walk.  It wasn’t raining today but the weather still didn’t cooperate; when I got up this morning it was super foggy and the humidity was up at 100% again!!  We decided to try a different running path than before, this one was a little further from the house but it was relatively flat with just a few hills – or at least it looked that way while running it.  Now that I look at the Garmin graph there was quite a bit of elevation change.

When we started running the fog had begun to lift but thankfully it was still overcast and there was the slightest of breezes.  The first mile felt really good and I found myself going too fast during the first couple of run segments so I purposely tried to slow it down.  Near the end of the second mile there was a significant hill which of course I hit during a run segment :-p  By the time I got to the top I was gasping for air and as luck would have it, it was about the same time that run segment ended and a walk segment began…regardless I had to walk!

After the first two miles I really began to slow down, not by any conscious effort but because it was just getting so hard to breath in that humidity.  I walked quite a bit during mile 5 and tried to finish strong in mile 6.  My average pace was much slower than I had hoped for but I’m just happy I was able to finish 6 miles.  One of my running partners, L, started cramping up and had to stop after 5 miles.

The weather folks say we’re going to get a break from the heat and humidity next week…I sure hope they’re right!!  :-)


7.26.14 pace