Starting over

Now that I’ve got my first 10K under my belt, I’ve decided that I’m going to start the training program over.  This time my goal is to run for longer intervals, trying not to slow for walk breaks.  Today is that starting point and the program called for a 1.5 mile tempo run.  I’ve been getting up earlier than usual these last few weeks trying to take advantage of the early morning hours before I have to start work.  I wanted to get my run in early as we have plans later this afternoon into the evening.  I was afraid mother nature was going to put a wrench into things as they have been calling for heavy rain and thunderstorms, but I got up this morning and it wasn’t raining.  After a quick check of the radar I knew I could get my run in without getting soaked…yay!

I set my app for 3 x .5 mile intervals so I could keep a check on my pace and my goal to run the entire distance.  The first interval breezed by without any issues; near the end of the second interval my mind started telling me it would be ok to slow for a quick walk but I fought back the urge.  At that point I knew I only had one more interval to go so I pushed through and I finished the 1.5 distance without any walk breaks…woohoo!  And when I got back and checked my pace I was quite surprised to see I had improved there as well.  All around, it’s a great start to my day :-)


Whoop Whoop, I did it!

As you may know from reading my blogs, today was my first ever 10K.  I’d completed over twenty 5Ks over the last 3 years but I never really thought about going further, until I joined the Run For God group at my church.  With their help, I completed my first 5K in 2 years this past December and then they encouraged me to join the next level program to run a 10K or Half Marathon.  I knew I was not ready to jump to a Half so I agreed to join for the 10K, while secretly telling myself I would just under-achieve and drop out before the race.  Well to my surprise and joy, I was able to stick with the program and today I completed the 10K.

The weather was beautiful and the air was electric with everyone lining up at the starting line.  There were three other ladies running the 10K (two significantly faster than me) and two more running the Half.  I set my phone to run 10 x 1km intervals so I could keep track of my pace.  The command was given and we were off, I tried to make sure not to start too fast so I would have something in the tank at the end but as usual I clocked my fastest interval at the beginning.  I slowed down and leveled off for the next few intervals and then slowed to walk at the Gatorade/Water stations.  I was doing pretty good until the halfway mark, there was a pretty long hill and I had to slow to walk for most of it.  I picked back up my pace and was doing good again until interval 9…there was a monster hill!  It’s just not fair to create a course with such a significant hill that late in the race (just sayin!).  Of course I had to walk most of it – cursing the whole way – and then decided I needed to run the final interval if I had any hope of hitting my goal of under 1:20.

As I approached the finish line I could see the clock and knew that I had accomplished my goal, it was now a matter of by how much.  I tried as hard as I could to put a little kick in my step but I’m not sure how much of a difference it made  :-)

My app says I finished in 1:18:19, the ChipTime says 1:18:48.  Either way – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

4.12.14 First 10K

Place Div No.      Name         Age    S City                 St    Chiptime  Pace

663     19  3708   Sharon      52       F Lake Wylie   SC    1:18:48     12:46


Of course, now the RFG group wants me to join them for the Myrtle Beach Half in October…I’ll need a few days to process this first! LOL

Wow, that was fast! (for me)

This is the week leading up to my first ever 10K and the program has us scaling back on the distance to save up our energy for the race.  Yesterday was also the last meeting of the RFG group for this particular program and it was a little bittersweet.  The program called for 3 miles so after our meeting we headed to my favorite elementary school for our run.  I was feeling pretty good for the run, I think it had something to do with the massage I had earlier in the day.  My hubby bought me a 3 massage gift package for Christmas and I just got around to getting my first one.

Back to the run, I set my app to repeat my last interval workout without really paying attention.  Since I’m so close to race day I wanted to see how long I could run so I decided I wasn’t going to slow down at the interval breaks unless I really needed to.  The weather was cool and really ideal for running; after a 5 min warm up walk we were off.  I tried to keep pace with the two other girls who run about my same pace just to see if I could.  I was able to keep up for the first 1.6 miles and then I had to slow for a short walk…wow, that was great but I was worried I may have pushed too hard in the first half and might not have enough left to finish.  I quickly got back to running and slowed again around 2.2 miles for another short walk.  I was pretty happy that I was able to run for longer segments and wanted to finish strong but I slowed for one more short walk break around 2.7 miles and then finished the last section running.  I knew that my pace was faster than usual but it wasn’t until I got home and looked at my splits that I realized how fast my pace was overall…12:11 WOW!


If I’m able to maintain this pace for the entire race I will most definitely achieve my goal of finishing under 1:20.  I’m really getting excited for this weekend…and the weather is supposed to be in the low 60′s at race time, whoop, whoop!

Better weather

The temperature today was much more conducive to running – sunny, low 60′s with a slight breeze – dare I say “perfect”!  I decided to get out a little earlier than usual and I switched up my route to give me a little different scenery.  The run today was 5 miles so I programmed my app for 1 mile intervals with planned walk breaks of .1 mile.

After the 5 minute warm up walk, I started the run.  The program calls for today to be a long, slow run so I wasn’t worried about my time so much, I just wanted to try to run each interval as much as possible.  Miles 1 & 2 worked out very well, I felt strong and only slowed for one walk break aside from the planned walks.  Mile 3 however is a different story – since this was a new route I wasn’t completely familiar with the elevation and just after I started mile 3 there was a very large hill.  My run quickly turned to a shuffle and then to a walk (note to self: when running this route again go the opposite direction!)  Mile 4 was a little stronger but I had to take a few more walk breaks.  At the end of mile 4 I had actually covered 4.4 with the planned walk breaks so mile 5 really only consisted of .6 of the mile.


I’m pretty darn pleased with the first two miles and with my overall pace.  If I can carry this to next weekend I may just reach my goal of finishing the 10K in 1:20 or less!!

It’s getting hot

The weather here has warmed up and I think old man winter has finally packed up and left – woohoo!  That said, I now have to remember that it’s not easy to run when it’s 80 degrees!  The run today called for 4 miles and I planned to do it right after work, not really thinking about what the temps were going to be.  Regardless, I followed my plan and laced up after work and hit the neighborhood streets.  Once I was outside, it dawned on me that the temperature was going to be a factor - the saving grace, there was no humidity :-)

I set my C25K app for 1 mile intervals with no planned walk breaks and I was off.  I wanted to see what my time was at each interval instead of just recording the overall pace.  My first mile felt pretty easy, my rhythm was good and I wasn’t feeling tired.  The second mile I did slow down for two walk breaks and I could feel my legs were starting to get a little tired.  Mile 3 & 4 were pretty rough, this is where the temperatures got to me.  I wasn’t overheated but the heat was zapping all my energy, I ran for as long as I could but in the last two miles I took a lot of walk breaks – I lost count.

Looking at my statistics, I think it captures how I felt during the run very well.  My next run is Saturday - 5 miles – and the temps are supposed to be a little cooler with highs around 70 so we’ll see how I do then.


Counting down

It’s 11 days until the RFG 10K so I’m starting to count down.  I feel good about completing the race and maybe even achieving my goal of finishing under 1:20.  For some reason, unknown to me, the RFG group meeting was cancelled tonight and I didn’t find that out until I showed up.  I stayed for the meeting with the 5K group and then went out for the 3 mile prescribed run.

The weather has (finally) warmed up here so it was quite pleasant running in the early evening hours - about 72 degrees.  I went to my favorite elementary school and knocked out the run.  I set the C25k app to a 3 mile Fun run which meant no scheduled walk breaks, just slow down when needed for a short time and then get back to running.  I was doing pretty good for the first half but then I noticed the muscle behind/beside my left knee was starting to really feel exhausted.  I was starting to get concerned but I didn’t feel I needed to stop because it wasn’t really causing any pain just noticeably tired.  I took a few extra walk breaks to give it a rest and finished the 3 miles running.  My time this evening was no PB but it was in the range of previous 3 miles runs, so I’m happy.


I could really feel that muscle once I finished and started stretching, I took extra care not to over do it.  I purchased a massage roller – “The Stick” as its called – and I made sure to pay special attention to that area.  I’m showered and relaxed now and that muscle still feels a little tired but not too bad…I guess I’ll know more tomorrow if I have any trouble with it.