Summary for the week

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve got a 10k coming up next weekend so I need to get back to running on a regular basis and surprisingly enough I completed 3 runs this week!

The second run on Friday was more of a walk because I was feeling quite creaky and stiff from the run on Wed…but hey, it counts!!

8.12.16 c25k

The third run was this morning. I slept in a little and didn’t leave the house until 8:45…I paid for it with the heat & sunshine. Thankfully I took a route that had lots of shade and I brought 2 bottles of water. I purposely did not look at the weather before I left – I was afraid I’d talk myself out of it if I knew the numbers! But I can tell you it was HOT!

I decided to use a 2 min run/2 min walk interval and that worked out perfectly. I started off running a little slower and I can see I picked up my pace during intervals 4-7. I took an extended walk break through interval 8 and then got back to running the rest until I hit 3 miles. Whew, was I ever happy to hear the c25k lady say that!

8.14.16 c25k

I’m planning to get two more runs in next week – about 2 miles each – and then we’ll see how I do for the 10k on Saturday… wish me luck!!


On the sewing front, I’ve been quilting on my Christmas quilt – trying all sorts of new free-motion quilt stitches. Since this one is all mine, I’m feeling quite relaxed about doing whatever I want.

First I traced a poinsettia design on all the blocks using a Frixion pen and then free-motion stitched around it…they turned out really great! However, since I used white thread they don’t really show up all that well in photos😦


Then I added curved lines in all the red & green fabrics, going from corner to corner – point to point…again hard to see it in the photo. Then I added ‘ribbon candy’ in the sashing strips and I’m working on adding ‘icicle lights’ in some of the other open areas.


I’d like to get the quilting finished today because I have to work late almost every night next week which means there probably won’t be much time to sew (waaaaaaaaah!)😦



Short, slow run

Well I finally got my rear our the door this morning for a short run/walk. My original plan was just to go for a walk to get the bones & muscles moving but as is usually the case once I’m out there I do a little more than planned.

The weather this morning actually cooperated a bit with overcast skies and a little breeze; humidity was still pretty high but it didn’t feel too awful. I set my c25k app for 20 minutes and just started walking, after the 5 min warm up I decided to see if I could run a little…very slowly and casually. My legs felt like led which I expected but I pushed on for about 5 mins and then slowed to walk. I walked until my legs felt a little better and then did that again and after the third time the 20 minutes was up. I thought about extending my workout but didn’t want to push it too much since this was the first time I’d been for a run/walk in over a month {{{shakes head in disbelief!}}}.

I have a 10k run scheduled in 10 days so I really need to get back into a routine of running – and pretty quickly! Hopefully today is a re-start of that habit😀




Warning: Lots of pictures

I’ve got a ton of sewing projects to get caught up on … so be warned there are a ton of pictures in this post!

First up: The Splendid Sampler

Although I’m still about six blocks behind I have completed quite a few blocks since my last blog post…


block 48 v2


block 49

Bonus Flip FlopsJuly Bonus


Block 47 done


Block 46 done

Block 50!!!

Block 50 done


Block 41 done

And here are all my completed blocks up on the design wall (taken before I finished #41)

All Blocks as of 8.6.16

I’ve also finished and shipped my very first t-shirt quilt!

IMG_3246 v2IMG_3248 v2

Next up – I had a friend ask if I would FMQ a baby blanket she made and of course I said YES! I just love an all over meander!

Quilting for Sharon James

And as if I didn’t have enough going on, I jumped into a 12 days of Xmas in July QAL hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. You can still follow along with the steps on her blog – her directions were very clear and easy to follow and I especially love how she made sure to provide pressing instructions so all the seams nested – double win! I’ve pieced the back and it’s ready for basting – hoping to get that done today so I can start FMQ snowflakes all over it!!


I’ve also managed to stay current with the Sugar Block Club BOM hosted by Amy at Stitchery Dickory Dock. I’ve been using the same color palette that she uses in each of her blocks – not sure how it will all end up! Here’s the August block, I just love this navy fabric with clouds & rain… must.get.more!

August done

And last but not least…I was itching for a finish so I pulled out an old UFO and got the top done this morning – whoop whoop! Don’t quite know what I’m going to do with this but it measures 54×48 so it would make a generous sized baby blanket…if someone is really into purple!

Purple split rail 8.7.16

Ok, I think I’m all caught up now…whew!

Off to watch the Olympics (GO USA!) and maybe do a little more sewing…ttfn…

Quilting update

I just realized I haven’t posted anything since 7/5…whoops! I can tell you that I have not been running (surprise, surprise!) but I have been sewing!

After I finished the Quilt for Pulse quilt, I got it in the mail…and the coolest thing happened! Alissa posted a picture on Instagram the next week and I actually spotted my quilt in her living room (upper right, circled in red)!! What are the odds of that😉


Isn’t that just the coolest picture…so much hand-made love❤

Once that quilt was finished I was left with a bunch of HST so I started putting them up on the design wall trying to figure out which layout I liked best…and landed on this one…it sure is bright!

HST quilt

I decided to do some swirls with echo and before I knew it, it was all quilted.

HST quilted

Since there was so much color on the top I went with a black and white butterfly print for the back.

HST backing

I had a teal solid left from the fat quarters used to make the border and it became the binding. Finished measurement 40″ square. No destination for this one yet…I’ll post it to FB to see if any friends would like to buy it.

HST completed

I also worked on some BOM & QAL blocks for Sugar Block club and The Splendid Sampler

Block 42 doneblock 43 done

July done

And last but not least…I’m almost done with the T-shirt quilt!! I got DH to help me baste it yesterday and I spent last night and today getting it quilted! Whew…my shoulders are exhausted!


I know these pictures have bad lighting but the quilting actually shows up better that way – go figure! The client chose the purple backing fabric from a few online choices I provided.IMG_3242

I finished cutting & piecing the binding so all that’s left is sewing it on…that will be tomorrow night! The shade/color is a little off in this binding picture but you can see the design in the fabric much better.


That’s about all I have for now…G’night!


American 4 miler

So I did a little run yesterday…I had actually forgotten that I signed up to run a 4 mile race on the 4th of July even though I had run it for the last two years…geez, where is my brain!?

Thankfully my running buddies reminded me late last week however I didn’t take the opportunity to do any training runs. But I still got up at 5:30 am yesterday morning and did the run!

I was dreading the weather because they were forecasting upper 70’s with 80% humidity for the 7:30am start…virtually swimming! But we were blessed with a rain storm that passed through in the wee hours which lowered the humidity a bit and the clouds stayed around for the entire run…YAY!

I knew I was going to have to take it easy or I’d never last 4 miles so I stuck with my 3 min/1.5 min intervals and  started out relatively slow for the first several run segments. I ran without any music for the first two miles – it was really nice. I took in my surroundings and even talked with a few other runners on occasion, clearly not pushing for any PR!

After 2 miles I turned on some running music and focused on completing the run, my legs were feeling pretty good and during a walk break at the 40 min mark I ate my Salted Caramel GU – yummmm! The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, I made the final turn for the finish line and picked up my pace as much as I could to get in under 55 minutes.


American 4 Miler 7.4.16

C25K app

(I forgot to shut it off right away)

7.4.16 rd

And our funny finisher’s photo!

(That’s me on the right – I had already finished my beer!!)

American 4 Miler

And then there’s the bling


ttfn and…G’night!


Quilt for Pulse – done

I finished up the #quiltsforpulse quilt this evening, Yay…just in time for the fireworks!

I pulled this lovely, almost rainbow striped fabric from my stash to use as the binding and I tried a different technique for sewing it on…I wish I could remember whose blog I saw it on because I would so totally give them all the credit they deserve!


Essentially, after you sew the binding to the front, use a ruler to mark a 1/8″ line on the back – beside the line of stitching you just did to sew it to the front. Then when you turn the binding to the back you line up the edge with the drawn line and sew close to that edge. Of course I’ll need a little more practice to get better but I’m really happy with the results. The binding is even on both sides and the stitches almost don’t show on the front side (except for where I got off the mark two times and sewed into the binding – I didn’t take any pictures of that!!)


I’ve got it in the wash now with 2 color catchers just to be on the safe side. I’ll  mail it out this week, hoping it brings someone a little comfort…ttfn…



A little run

I finally went for a run…actually I had talked myself into going for a walk and once I was out there I changed my mind. I didn’t wear my Garmin or my Vivofit2, I just took my phone and set the C25K app so I could change between walking fast & slow.

At 9am, the temperature was already 76 and the humidity was at 80% so, yes it was warm…ugh. Since I hadn’t run in 3 weeks I figured I would just walk and get my muscles moving again, but when the warm-up period was over and the app told me to ‘run’ I decided to try it. Oh boy, the muscles & bones & lungs were feeling quite creaky (!) but I stuck it out, taking it slow.

I managed to get through 7 run segments before I called it quits and walked for another segment to just cool down…I was pretty overheated by that time and since I hadn’t planned on running I only brought 1 bottle of water – doh!

6.26.16 rd

The only lingering issue is the groin muscle on my right side…it only bothers me when I’m running uphill so I think I’ll avoid hills for a while – that won’t break my heart! LOL