Walk not Run

I should’ve gone for another run this morning but I did not. After lunch I decided I needed to at least go for a walk. The 84 degree temp today is above average for April and we got some lovely humidity to go along with it, so rather than try to run in that I figured a walk would be better than nothing.

I mapped out a 2 mile route over some of the big hills in my neighborhood – at least I could put in that much effort – and I still had my app set for 3 min/1.5 min intervals so I walked a little faster during the 3 min portion.

It got really hot, really fast – it was a good decision to walk and not run (although I did trot a few a times). I sure hope Saturday’s weather will be better for the 10k…at least it usually is in the morning😉

4.28.16 RD WALK

Fabric haul

So….I went to Hobby Lobby tonight and I picked up several pieces of fabric. Some from the clearance rack and others from the remnants bin – woohoo!

And I found the perfect fabric for the binding on my Scrappy Jacobs Ladder…bonus!

First here’s a shot of everything:


From left to right:

Top is 2 yards of a print called Antique Texture; I figure I can use it for backing.

Bottom left is 2 yards of a yellow duc fabric with gray orange peel print. I plan to use this for a new ironing board cover DH is going to make me (something like this one).

Next is 2 yards of a cute Paris heart fabric that I have no plans for but at $4/yd I couldn’t pass it up!

All the rolled up fabric is remnants – I picked up all the solids they had to enhance my stash and I just couldn’t pass up the black and white prints.

Here they are all unrolled…hmmm, I can see a black/red/white quilt in my future!


Then there’s two rolls of ribbon, again no idea where or how I’ll use them but they were on clearance and I grabbed them.

Last but not least…the blue & yellow stripe fabric. This one was not on clearance but when I saw it I knew it would be perfect to use for binding my Scrappy Jacob’s Ladder quilt. And speaking of that, I finished piecing the body of it tonight, just need to add the borders.


…ttfn and…G’night!

Scrappy Jacob’s Ladder

Now that the memory quilt is all finished I want to turn my attention to a few WIPs.

A few months ago I pulled out my scraps and sorted out the blue & yellow. I found two patterns I liked, both very similar, so I started making 4 patches – more details here. I had to let it sit because I didn’t have the background fabric to finish the top (so much for using my stash!). Once I got the fabric I had already started something else (ha, more like many other things) so it’s been sitting idle for a while.

I pulled it last week, put it up on my design wall and started piecing it together. I’ve gotten rows pieced and the last four blocks are made…a few more seams and the main part of the top will be done.

4.26.16 cropped

I’m planning to put a 4″ white border all the way around to make it a little larger but I’m not sure if I should use fabric from my stash for the backing or buy something else…what do you think?

Here are two options I found in my stash


I’m leaning towards the one on the left because it echos the same colors as the top…but who can refuse those cute little kitties on flannel??

Take a closer lookIMG_3116IMG_3117

Please weigh in with your opinion…Thanks!

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Running again…

So, I looked at the calendar this morning and realized it’s been 16 days since my last run…wow, that’s sad. It’s not like I had an injury or illness – unless you can count laziness as an illness😉 yeah, NOT!

Knowing I have a 10k coming up this weekend I figured I better get my butt out the door for at least a short run to make sure my body still remembered how! Of course I didn’t go this morning when the temps were more agreeable…no…I wait until high noon when it’s 74 degrees! sheesh!

I had very low expectations but I turned on my app with the same intervals of 3 min run/1.5 min walk and just went with it. I had only planned to do 2 miles so I wouldn’t over do it and I took an out & back route in my neighborhood. During the warm up walk it felt really good just to be moving and stretching my muscles. After that came the first run segment, I didn’t force anything I just picked up the pace and ran at a comfortable speed. Interval 1 was a success! The next few intervals felt just as good; now, that could be because the out portion of the route was a slow, steady decline…you see where I’m going with this?

Once I hit the 1 mile mark I turned around and began the slow, steady incline back home…and boy could I feel it. Not just in my legs and lungs but the heat was getting to me too. I slowed my running pace to compensate and I finished up the 2 miles I planned but I was pretty overheated and my face was beet red – no pictures of that!!

Overall I’m pleased with my pace and distance, for now. I need to do another 2-3 miles on Thursday if I hope to complete the 10k on Saturday…either way my plan for Saturday is “just finish”!

Here’s a snap shot of the elevation for the run today…not a significant decline/incline but enough to make the return a little challenging😉

4.26.16 elevation


4.26.16 garmin

C25K app

4.26.16 rd



Memory Quilt finish!

This post will be light on words and heavy on pictures…

THE MEMORY QUILT IS FINISHED!!! Woohoo!!! I looked back to see when I started on this and it was early Feb…so it’s taken me about 10-11 weeks to finish. Not bad for my first😉

I tried to get some pictures outside in natural light but didn’t have a lot of help (just DH and he wasn’t really ‘into it’).

…and here’s the reveal:

IMG_3102 v2

The “BS” on the backside are her late husband’s initials


This is big enough to fit across the top of my king size bed…in either directionIMG_3104IMG_3105IMG_3106

I did all the quilting on my domestic Pfaff…free-motion large meandering

IMG_3109 v2IMG_3110

I’m exhausted…ttfn and G’night:-)

A quilty finish

I started this quilt back in January when we had bad weather and I was ‘stuck’ indoors all weekend, I’m calling it Low Tide Lagoon after the names of the charm packs I used. The top was sitting idle for a while waiting for border & backing fabric inspiration. I was browsing online last month and came across the perfect fabric for both on 5bucksayard.com (their selections change frequently so this link will not take you to the fabric I bought).

The border fabric is a light aqua with little white fish and the backing is a deep teal with a water motif (see close up below). Once the border & backing were done it sat again for a little while until I got my nerve up to quilt the ‘water drop rings’. I got the inspiration for that design from Quilty Habit and thought it would be great since this quilt has water inspired fabrics.

We were supposed to be in Charleston, SC this weekend for a car show but Wednesday my fur baby hurt her back left leg – thankfully nothing serious – but she was hobbling around favoring the leg and there was no way we could leave her with friends and go out of town. So what else does one do with a few days off work and no where to go? Oh, and as luck would have it my Pfaff was serviced and picked up Wed afternoon…woot woot!

So, yesterday I pin basted the layers and after a little planning I dove in (pun intended!). I chose to free motion the rings which gives it a bit more organic (aka amateur) feel. I haven’t washed it yet so I’m hoping the ‘not exactly round’ rings will look a little better once the fabric crinkles. Finished measurement is 43×52.

Low Tide LagoonIMG_3056



Now it’s back to the sewing room to work on a some WIPs & UFOs…hoping I can get a few more completed before the weekend is over.


A quick note

I know I just posted earlier today but I wanted to share a couple things…

I was outside earlier today with my fur baby and noticed our purple azaleas had really exploded with blooms and then I looked a little closer and saw a pop of deep pink blooms on the inside…I’ve never noticed that before!


And speaking of my fur baby, this is the best shot I could get…she hates having her picture taken!


For reasons I’ll explain in a minute, I got focused this evening and finished piecing the top for my Hands2Help charity quilt; all that’s left to do is square it up.  Now I’ll have a few days to contemplate what I’m going to do for backing.


Lastly, I’ll be on a little sewing hiatus for the next 5 days…for a couple of reasons. First, my Pfaff is going in for service tomorrow and it won’t be ready until Thursday – but – we’re going out of town on Thurs for the weekend. Hubby is taking his new corvette to a car show in Charleston and I’ll be tagging along. The weather looks promising so we should have a good time.

I snapped this impromptu shot in the driveway this evening


ttfn and … G’night😀