Good things

I’ve been steadily working on my scrappy rainbow postage stamp quilt top and I just finished making the blue blocks yesterday using Sarah’s tutorial. I’ve been pulling out each scrap bin by color and making as many blocks as the fabric scraps allow, which means I have an uneven number of blocks from color to color. I’m OK with that – hey, it’s a scrap quilt and they are always unpredictable.

That said…this is going to be one massive quilt! LOL

Here’s a pic of the strip sets of green before pressing and sub-cutting


And here are the completed blocks up the the design wall. My wall measures 6ft down by 8ft across, you can see I’m almost out of space and I still have blue & purple to go!


Here are the strips of blue before any piecing…


I was able to get 20 blue blocks out of those strip sets so I knew I needed to do something  to re-orient the quilt on the wall. I had initially put the ‘top’ of the quilt on the left side and worked my way right to the ‘bottom’. I decided to put the top back at the top and extend it out to 9 blocks wide.

Here’s what fits on the wall now


I have 11 more blue blocks on the floor and plan to make the purple ones today. The ‘blocks’ measure 10.5 so once I piece this all together the top will measure 90″x100″…WOAH!! I did not set out to make a quilt this big and honestly I didn’t think I had that many scraps 😮 But don’t think my scrap bins are empty now either!!! Hahaha

In other quilting news, my client finally decided on backing fabric for the memorial quilt and it arrived late last week, here’s a pic from The color in person is just a tad darker grey and it’s perfect!


Now I need to get outside to baste everything and get to quilting on it!


WW is going well! Most days I stay within my Smart Points and I’ve been able to control my urges to each ‘junk’. The treat I allow myself is animal crackers – Ha! I can have 16 for 4pts and it satisfies my urge for something sweet and something crunchy! At my weigh-in yesterday I was officially down .4 from last week – I’ll take it!! I even had an adult beverage the night before! Speaking of…have you tried these new (to me) spiked sparkling water drinks? One is 3pts and it’s really good!



In other good news…WE HAVE A BUYER FOR OUR OTHER HOUSE!!! I know I probably should’ve led with that but I figured I’d build up to it, HA! Last week I mentioned someone came by to look at the house and was very interested well, he came back Monday and gave DH a non-refundable deposit of $5000!! Holy mackerel!! And even better, his timeline to settle gives us time to do our estate sale…wow! Keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming!!


That’s it for now…have a great rest of your weekend 🙂



Scrap Happy

I’m still working on my scrappy postage stamp quilt while my client decides on backing fabric for the memorial quilt.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen these pictures. A few weeks ago I sorted my scraps by color and now I’m pulling each basket out in rainbow order to make as many postage stamp blocks as I can using Sarah’s tutorial. Clearly I have way too much pink…


I struggled not having enough orange scraps so I had to bust into my FQ stash


And lastly, with the yellow addition


I’m currently cutting strips from my green basket and hope to have that added to the wall by the end of the day! After I have all my blocks made I’ll decide on a final layout and start piecing them together. At this rate I might have enough for one big King size quilt or I might split them into two smaller quilts…we’ll see…


As I mentioned last week, I re-joined WW and yesterday was my first official weigh in. I’ve been weighing at home first thing in the morning with no clothes on so it’s not an equal comparison to their scales but I calculate I’ve lost 2.4 pounds since starting. They keep saying 90% of weight loss is from the shoulders up and they are SO RIGHT. I’ve been so much better about food choices and snacking this first week because it’s been top of mind and I know I’ll be weighing in every week. It’s just the accountability this “Obliger” needs! That’s a reference from Gretchen Ruben’s book ‘The Four Tendencies’ – you can take the quiz here for free. This is not an ad, it’s just that after I read her book and took the quiz I finally came to terms with the fact that my personality type really needs external accountability when it comes to doing hard things…so why fight it!!!


DH is currently at our other house doing yard work and getting it prepped for the estate sale. Coincidentally, he hired an acquaintance to do some yard work and his Uncle was looking to buy a house …so… they came over Friday to look at the place and appear to be really considering buying it!!!! Oh my goodness, that would be so awesome!! Please say a prayer and send out lots of good vibes that this works out for us ❤


That’s all for now… I’m headed back to my sewing room…have a great rest of your weekend!!

Happy Father’s Day!



A day late…

I totally forgot to post yesterday 😮  Not much going on, but here are the highlights:

Last week I celebrated 40 years of working for the same company! WOW, do I feel old!! The company has been bought & sold a few times and I’ve survived each one. I’m hoping to ‘retire’ in a few years and work part-time at my LQS – that would be a dream come true!!


I put the final stitches in the commissioned memory quilt top – now I’m waiting on the client to decide on backing fabric.


So…while I’m waiting on her, I decided to start a scrappy postage stamp quilt. I’m pulling my scraps out by color bin and making as many 5×5 blocks as I can. Here are the 7 blocks I made from my Red bin. I’m following Sarah’s tutorial using 2.5 strips, it sure does make it easier!!


Next up is my Pink bin…for some reason I have a ton of pink scraps so I’m sure I’ll get way more than seven blocks.

Lastly, I re-joined Weight Watchers, WW as they like to be called now. I’ve got about 23 pounds that needs to come off and the only success I’ve had in the past was with WW…I just need to get my head refocused and stop all the junk food snacking I’ve been doing!


A little bit of everything

I finished up my ‘Shattered Triangles’ quilt. I didn’t use any pattern for this I just cut a bunch of triangles from my overflowing pink scraps and used white to square them up, then I alternated the direction of the triangles in each row. I had some left over backing from other other quilts so I pieced them together for the back of this one.

I took the finished quilt out in our backyard (11th fairway on Parkland at Myrtle Beach) and captured a few shots in full sun.



I spent the last few days sorting, folding and organizing my fat quarter stash. They were previously smushed (a technical term) in a few plastic bins and I had no idea what I had. This is an in-progress shot.


After working through all the FQs, I pulled out some of my ‘less than yard’ cuts and wrapped them around comic book boards. I thought they looked good on the top shelf so I moved the FQ bins down.


The brown tv cart in the foreground will be moving to another room soon but for now I get to work around it  :-/

And at last I started working on the commissioned memory quilt I’ve been ignoring for the last month. I hope to get this one done pretty quickly so I can just focus on some ‘fun’ sewing for a while…quite selfish of me!!


That’s it for now…have a great rest of your weekend!

First official visitor

We had our first official visitor in the new house this past week and as such, I didn’t do any sewing. We took her to our favorite restaurant on the beach, Bummz – twice actually!

DH & Pam

While she was here we went shopping for area rugs and some wall decor, here’s a few shots of what we bought. Excuse the boxes, I’m still deciding where to put stuff :-p

Living room rug
Carolina room rug
Dining room rug
Kitchen wall art

I still need to find something for over the server in the dining room and I plan on putting valances on many of the windows…ugh, still so much to do!!

Before she arrived on Monday, I finished piecing the Shattered Triangles top and it’s been sitting on my design wall all week…I can’t wait to get in there later today to decide on the backing fabric and maybe even get it basted.


We’ve been experiencing an early heatwave the past few days and it looks like it’s going to hang around for a few more…a good reason to stay indoors and sew!!

I wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day…


Settling in

This past week has been all about getting settled in to our new home. DH had to go back to the other house on Monday and since he left his car there I rode back with him Monday night (4 hours). I needed to be back in Myrtle Beach for work and a hair appointment so I got up Tuesday morning and drove back …what a whirlwind!!

My reward that night…one of the local restaurants has 1/2 price tacos on Tuesday and it just happens to be on the second floor of a building on the beach so this was my view for dinner!


I also cooked for the first time in the new house…I put a pork loin in the crock pot on Wed and made myself this plate for dinner!


The thing I’m most excited about is finally getting my new design wall up! I spent Thursday evening in the garage cutting and wrapping the 4ft x 8ft foam insulation boards. I knew I didn’t need an 8ft tall design wall so I cut them down to 6ft. I purchased a Full size white flannel sheet set for about $30 and used the flat and fitted sheets to wrap each 4×6 section. Oh boy, that was fun 😦


DH got home late Thursday and helped me ‘mount’ it to the wall in my sewing room…I’m so stinking happy with this!!! 🙂 Squeeeeeeeeeee! I put my scattered triangles up on one side and I still have so much space…I’m just loving it!!


And last but not least…I got to put my feet up yesterday afternoon and have an adult beverage sitting on our new patio furniture. Yep, I think I’m really gonna like it here 🙂


That’s all for now…

Hands 2 Help finish

The annual Hands2Help Challenge hosted by Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict has come to close this year and I’m happy to report I have three quilts made and will be sending them off tomorrow…whoop whoop!

You can read all about the annual event and the wonderful charities included this year by visiting Sarah’s blog

These first two quilts are going to Jack’s Basket:

I found the Simple Hearts pattern through an Instagram post and when it said it was fat eighth friendly I remembered I had a bundle of Wonderland by Rifle Paper Company for Cotton and Steel that had been sitting in my stash for far too long and before I knew it, I had a finished quilt!


The second quilt came about quite by accident from the left overs of the Criss Cross quilt I’ll talk about in a minute. I had triangles left over and just started sewing them together to make blocks and then worked with them for a few days until I ended up with this design.


The third quilt is going to Happy Chemo. I found this Criss Cross pattern through Angela Walter’s Midnight Quilt Show and immediately knew I wanted to dip into my solids stash to make it!


The cutting and sewing went really fast but I will add a little caution…once you get the ‘blocks’ made you’ll need to handle them carefully as there are A LOT of bias edges and they can get a little wonky. I had a little bit of that happen but thankfully not too much!


And that’s my contribution this year. I absolutely love participating in this event every year and Sarah is a great host ❤ If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in the past I highly recommend you follow her blog and mark your calendar for next March when she gets things kicked off.