Hexie Flower quilt & 5 miles

Picture heavy post  ;-)

I finished this baby size quilt last night but waited for natural light this morning to take pictures. The hexagon shapes were all made from scraps and the 10″ squares were left over from a layer cake I used in this quilt. The froggy flannel backing was picked up on clearance a few months back, I think it plays nicely with all the fabrics on the front.



I got up early this morning to watch some French Open matches and go for a run…happy to say I did both😀

I wanted to get 5 miles in and do some hills in preparation for my next 10k which is probably the hilliest course ever! I mapped a course around my neighborhood that incorporated two pretty big hills and I ran that route twice…WHEW…those hills are rough!

I set the c25k app for my normal intervals and gave myself a little cushion by having it repeat 16 times…that allowed me 72 mins to complete 5 miles.

The first loop went pretty well, I ran during all the run segments even on the hills – yay! The second loop was a bit tougher…I ran all the run segments except halfway up the last hill, I was getting over heated and as slow as I was running I figured I might as well just walk, LOL.

As usual, the distance is a little different between Garmin & the app…


5.28.14 garmin

C25K app

5.28.16 rd

The red line in the chart below is the altitude for the route…rough, really rough!

5.28.16 altitude

I’m pretty darn happy with my pace considering the hills, so I think I’m as ready as I’ll every be for that 10k on June 11.



Scrappy Jacob’s Ladder

Wow, 3 posts in one day…I think that’s a record for me.

I put the finishing touches on my scrappy project earlier today and just needed to share!

I started this project many months ago by making the 4-patches with my blue & yellow scraps…then set it aside to wait for the white & gray fabric I ordered. And when that came in…it all sat some more.

Last month I got around to making the white & gray HSTs needed to complete the pattern and pieced it all together. From there I decided on the backing fabric and finally got it basted. And…it sat for a little bit more while I contemplated how I wanted to quilt it. Several ideas came to mind but I just couldn’t decide…until last night…I ended up doing a large meander all over. That seems to be my default motif😉

After the quilting was done, I cut the strips for binding and finished it off…Oh my, I just love that striped binding – it matches the blues and yellows on the front perfectly!!

Here are pictures I took outside today…the first two are in full sun, the others are from the front porch this morning while it was still overcast.

IMG_3159 v2IMG_3160 v2IMG_3149IMG_3150IMG_3152

Cannoli 5k

Last week was a bit of a blur for me due to traveling – I get call out of sync when I’m out of my ‘natural habitat’…lol!

It actually started the week before when we went to Myrtle Beach on Thurs thru Sat. I was home all day Sunday and then flew to Columbus, OH for a business meeting on Monday. I returned Wed evening and it took me until yesterday to really feel back in rhythm.

All that said, I didn’t do any of my planned running on Tues or Thurs. Before we went to MB, a few of my running buddies had signed up for a local 5k  on May 21 and urged me sign up…so I did. Even though I hadn’t run during the week I was pretty sure I’d have no problems doing a 5k and this one was supposed to be really fun because it was part of an Italian festival and they were giving away cannolis at every mile!! The other bonus was it didn’t start until 9am…kind of late if you’re used to running organized events at 7am.

The only down side was the weather, we’ve been getting a lot of rain and it’s been coming in bouts of downpours. Once I got up I checked the weather and it looked like we’d be fine for the run. I ate breakfast and headed over to the event to meet up with my buddies. After a quick prayer the horn sounded and we were off. The planned route was actually a 1 mile loop so each time around you could pick up a cannoli – I did it on the first loop and after eating that one I knew I’d waive off the rest. They were only mini but I just didn’t want to take the chance of upsetting my stomach.

I had on my Garmin watch and on the second loop I could tell I was making pretty good time but my legs were also starting to let me know they didn’t appreciate working this hard after being off a whole week. I pressed on and during the last .25 mile I realized I could possibly get a new PR if I really pushed it…so I did…and I did!!

Official race time: 36:54 (sent in email, results are not posted online yet)

Garmin time: 36:49 (the distance is not quite 3.1 so I’ll go with the official race time!)

5.21.16 garmin

I’m pretty surprised I got a new PR – my former best was 37:49…boom!

My next race is the Lake Wylie Splash Dash 10k…it’s all HILLS…ugh! Not looking for any PR there, I just want to finish before they close the course!!




Back in April I joined an online charity challenge called “Hands2Help” which is being coordinated by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. She’s coordinated these for a few years now, the challenge is to make a quilt for one of the charities listed within the allotted time frame and get it shipped to it’s destination by the deadline – I’m sending mine to Happy Chemo. During the process Sarah shares tips & patterns and generally keeps everyone on track – there also prizes and giveaways.

This week starts the linky party where everyone shares their quilt…so…below are a series of pictures of my charity quilt – from beginning to end.


I took it outside on the front porch this morning to get some shots in natural light, unfortunately it’s quite overcast today…oh well! I purposely used neutral colors so the quilt could be given to anyone.



A quick trip

We left Thursday morning to spend a few days with our friends in Myrtle Beach. We didn’t have any specific plans for the few days we would be there but I knew I wanted to get my running in and I wanted to sew a little😉

For the ride, I packed up my recent kick with Hexagons (since that’s quite portable) and I basted and sewed hexies together for almost the whole ride (3+ hours!).

hexies to go

DH loved it because I’m usually telling him how to drive – but not this time, I was too preoccupied with my sewing! I made a ton of progress which I’ll talk about in more detail a little further down.

Thursday is a ‘scheduled run’ day for me but I didn’t get up early enough to run before we left and once we were there it just wasn’t convenient – cue the excuses!! Bottom line, no run on Thurs.

Friday was spent mostly indoors as there were T-storms and rain. We all made plans for Saturday morning – I was going to run (4 miles), Barry was going to the gym and Mary was going to walk (3 miles)…DH was sleeping in! LOL! As planned, I got up, ate breakfast, had my coffee and hit the road. Unfortunately it was very HUMID and the temps were in the low 70’s; thankfully there were intermittent clouds and a small breeze. I held up pretty good until 3.25 miles when the heat really started wearing me down but I kept going and got my 4 miles…even though it was at a slower pace.

5.14.16 garmin

5.14.16 rd

After I cooled down and got cleaned up we all went to lunch. From there we decided to do a little house shopping – we’ve been talking about moving to MB but we haven’t found the ‘perfect’ house yet. I know, I know…there is no such thing! We’d like to live in the same community with our friends so that really limits our choices but as luck would have it they were having a ‘parade of homes’ for all those that were up for sale so we got to look through about 5 that met our basic requirements. I really liked the first house we looked at but DH is not quite sold on it…so we’ll keep looking. After a little relaxing time, we went to an early dinner because we left later that night.

I have a business trip tomorrow and I wanted all day today to get packed and prepped. I spent this morning sewing and watching tennis (International BNL D’Italia Championships). I took all the hexie flowers I made and appliqued them to the remaining 10″ squares and then added sashing…now I’m not sure if I want to add a border, but I think I will :p

Here it is with just sashing

hexi with sashing

And here’s a mock up with borders (wider on the sides than on top & bottom because I need a little more width than I do length)

hexi with border

Of course as luck would have it I already cut the backing fabric before I changed my mind about adding borders so…I may be a little short…but we’ll see😉

That’s all I have time for tonight – I have to finish packing and get to bed early for a morning flight.

ttfn and G’night!


Staying on track

Today was a run day and I stayed on track..woot woot!

My plan is to run 2 miles on Tues, 3 miles on Thur and increase my long runs on Saturday by 1 mile each week leading up to the Splash Dash 10k on June 11. Today was a 2 mile day and I took a route in the neighborhood with a few big hills.

Nothing significant to report, weather was a little warm but it was overcast with a little breeze.

5.10.16 garmin

5.10.16 rd


I did a little sewing over the weekend. I’ve been making table toppers (or some call them mini quilts) for each season so I wanted to make one for Summer. I played with applique shapes and came up with a really cute layout…


I did echo quilting around the shapes using a variegated thread of aqua and white…I’m so happy with how this turned out!! DH liked it but he said it felt more like a ‘beach’ theme and we don’t live at the beach…true.

I posted it on FB and one of my friends (who does live at the beach) said she loved it and it matched all her colors…it was a sign! And we’re actually going to visit them this weekend so guess who I’m gifting this to!? Now I’ve gotta come up with another idea for a summer table topper😀

I finally basted my Scrappy Jacob’s Ladder and it’s ready for quilting…not sure if I’ll be able to get to that before we leave for the beach on Thurs. I’m also still making hexi’s with the intention of making a baby size blanket – here’s the plan at the moment:

hexi plan

That’s about all for now…G’night!

Fabric haul and more…

I received an email notice last month that my local quilt shop owner was retiring and she was going to try to sell her shop. If she couldn’t find a buyer she would close it down. Last week she sent a follow up message to say that although three potential buyers had expressed interest they couldn’t come to an agreement so she would start the process of closing the shop by the end of May…so sad to see this happen😦

She sent one more email the next day to announce the sales event that would start Friday May 6th: all fabric is 25% off and if you empty the bolt you get an extra 10% off. All books are also 25% off. I couldn’t get there Friday as her hours are 10-5 and I had to work…so I went today.

I had three things in mind – fabric for Backing, fabric for Binding and Books. I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a good selection of fabric still remained and the store was not over-flowing with people. I scanned the shelves for large prints that would be good for backing and quickly loaded up my arms with bolts. I was going to get 3 yards of each and I could tell some of them would be close to emptying the bolt. Then I scanned for stripes, I’ve become quite fond of using stripes for binding. There were way too many to choose from so I grabbed two that I liked best. As I was looking through the books I found some precut yards of black & white fabric…I’m such a sucker for that so I picked up a few of those too!

Here it all is…squeeee! look at all that fabric!!😀


How about a closer look…these six are all future backings – 3 or more yards of each one and 5 of them emptied the bolt! That blue & yellow flower print is just so happy!IMG_3142

The two stripes are for future bindings, the black & white prints are the 1 yard precuts (I got two of each!) and the book ‘Splash of Color’ is one I’ve had on my wish list for months. OMG, the quilts in this book are just ‘to die for’…I can’t wait to make a few😀

Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to put it all!!IMG_3143


Today was also a ‘run’ day but I almost didn’t go…ugh, I was just not feeling it this morning and I almost let myself off the hook about 20 times! I bargained with myself that I could splurge a little at the fabric store only IF I went for a run…yeah, that worked!!

I planned out a 3 mile route and left around 8:45am. The first mile wasn’t too bad but I started feeling pretty fatigued by mile 2 – not sure why today was so hard. I fought through it and completed 3.1 miles (close to my time from Thurs) but I was pooped! The temp was a little warmer today, mid 60’s, but that’s not bad…I don’t know, I guess it was just ‘one of those days’. It’s done and I don’t have to run again until Tues, yay.

5.7.16 garmn5.7.16 rd

I’m off to the sewing room to putz around for a little bit…ttfn and…