More sewing, more running

I’ve made a little more progress on the quilts for my grandsons. I cut and sewed the dark blue border to Grandson #1 topper and I like it, I really like it. The dark blue helps tone down all the bright colors. I also printed, transferred and cut out his initial (T) to apply to the top; I used the same fabric I’ll be using for the backing. The letter all by itself does not stand out on the topper so thankfully I had just enough of the dark blue fabric left to make a background block for the letter. I haven’t ironed either of these to the top yet, I’m still auditioning for the correct location.

option 1
option 2
option 2

I think I like option 1 the best.

I also made the initial for Grandson #2 (K) and very quickly found the same issue with needing a background block and once again the dark blue fabric did the trick. I also know exactly where I’m going to place his initial:



I went out for a short run this morning, the temps have started to creep back up but it wasn’t too bad. I’ve been using background music specifically timed to 180 bpm (beats per minute) to try to improve my pace. Because of this I switched up my intervals to run 4 minutes then walk 2 minutes to give myself a little more recovery time. It worked pretty well today, we’ll see if I can keep this up ;-)


That’s all for now…G’night!

A break in the weather

We were blessed today with very mild weather and I took advantage of it by spending quite a bit of time outside. First, K and I went running this morning…oh, it felt so good to not get overheated!

We started right around 7:45 and took a route around my neighborhood that’s mostly shady. I downloaded another Podrunner track, this one is 180 bpm – it’s a tad bit fast for me but I was able to keep up with it during most of the run segments. During mile 3 I extended the walk breaks by 30 seconds to catch my breath – all in all, it was a great run and I’ll definitely be using the 180 bpm track again!


After I got cleaned up, I went out to lunch with DH and then I did a little retail therapy. I mentioned yesterday that I was going back to the QBee Quilt Shop to pick up fabric for the borders and backing on the Grandson’s quilts. I was the only customer in the shop so it was great to get a little help finding just the right fabric. We picked out a lovely blue print for Grandson #2 blanket and I got it all cut and pieced tonight…I love it!

Top with border

I also picked up this fabric to use as backing for both quilts; and I’ll have enough left over to use for appliqueing their initial to the front of each quilt.

backing closeup

We also picked out another fabric for the border on Grandson #1 quilt, however once I got it home and laid it out on the quilt – I don’t like it…nope, no way! There’s pale blue on the train which we ‘thought’ would be pulled out by this border but it’s just not happening – so I’ll save these strips for some other project in the future. Now I’m back to square one on what border to use.


I have some left over dark blue that I used in the other top so I laid it up against this one…and I’m kind of liking it. I think I have just enough to do the border – but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m too tired now and I don’t want to make any measuring mistakes! ;-)


That’s all for now…G’night!

Lots of progress

Last night I finished piecing the top for Grandson #1 blanket. I was planning to go to Hobby Lobby today to look for border and backing fabric but that didn’t work out. Instead I stopped by a local quilt store that I didn’t know was there until just last week! It’s called QBee Quilts and it’s only 20 mins from my house…oh boy, that could spell trouble! LOL

I was out & about with DH today and I asked him to stop so I could check out the store. They’re participating in Row by Row so I wanted to get my free pattern and get their license plate charm. I had expected him to wait in the car but he decided he would come in with me; well, let’s just say that was not a good idea. He was like a kid in a candy store – pointing out all the lovely quilts they had on display, commenting on all the kits and just generally being VERY distracting! While I appreciate his enthusiasm I found it impossible to concentrate on the reason I wanted to stop…so, I told him I would just come back another time. Luckily they’re open on Sunday, so I’ll swing by there tomorrow – ALONE! :p

I spent a little time on Pinterest this morning and decided I would do a primary colors blanket for Grandson #2 using 4.5″ squares. I already had the squares cut from the red & white fabric so I cut the same number from the blue, yellow and planes print fabric; then I set about laying out the pattern. I quickly settled on one and after dinner I retreated to my sewing room to begin piecing it all together – I can’t believe I got it all done tonight!! Woohoo! And I have to say, I’m getting MUCH better at matching seams, yay.


The way they’re arranged creates a bit of a zigzag with the planes fabric…kind of neat. Now I need to figure out what border and backing fabric to use for this one. I think I’ll look for backing that will match both blankets, but I don’t think the same dark blue border will work on this one because of the dark blue squares…any suggestions?


The weather here has finally cooled off a little bit – there was a line of t-storms earlier that dropped temps almost 15 degrees – yay! This was in the forecast so I planned to hold off running until Sunday morning instead of our normal Saturday morning. K was all for that and she’s going to meet me here at 7:30am; the temp is supposed to be 68 with moderate humidity…it should feel pretty nice :-)

That’s all for now…G’night!

Finished Object and new beginning

For the last month I’ve been working on my first commissioned quilt – a friend asked me to make a baby blanket with the name appliqued. This was the first time someone paid me and the first time I tried applique. Of course I was very nervous since this would be going out as a gift for new parents and I wanted it to be just right (not perfect, cuz we all know that just aint gonna happen!)

I put the finishing touches on it Tuesday night and I mailed it off yesterday. The finished measurements are a little big for a baby blanket (39×60) but it will allow her to grow into it ;-) Overall I’m very happy with how it turned out :-D





DH has been reminding me that I’ve made several blankets over the last six months but none for my own grandsons. I told him that I wanted to ‘practice’ on these other quilts before I made theirs…so, now it’s time.

While at Hobby Lobby last week I picked up fabrics to make two quilts…for Grandson #1 I got Thomas the Train and for Grandson #2 I got Planes. I also bought some red fabric with a Mickey Mouse silhouette and some basic white fabric. I wasn’t sure what patterns I wanted to use so off to Pinterest I went to browse. I found a block called ‘friendship star‘ and thought that was a nice vibe so I started making blocks last week for Grandson #1.


After I made the first block I wasn’t sure what it would look like once I put all of them together…it’s looking rather patriotic, which isn’t a bad thing – just not what I was going for. Anyway, I charged on and last night I finished up the rest of the blocks. They measure 12.5″ each so when I put them all together I’ll have a top that measures 36×48. That’s a good size but now that I’ve got them all laid out on my ‘design bed’ I think it needs a border…and DH agrees.


When I step back from all this I can see many other patterns emerging…sometimes I like that and other times I’m not really sure about it. However, I’ll continue on with my original plan because it all usually works out in the end (at least that’s been my limited experience). These pictures don’t really do it justice – these colors are quite bright – so a solid blue border should calm it down and bring some order to it all. I also need to figure out what I’m going to do for backing…I always fail to plan for that in advance – so while I’m at HL for border fabric I’ll see what strikes me for backing.

Now that those blocks are done I need to start thinking about a pattern for Grandson #2. I don’t want to use the exact same pattern but I’ve already cut the red & white fabric into 4.5″ squares to make HST so I need to keep with that thought or decide to use them in another way…back to Pinterest I go!



I haven’t been running this week…it’s just been too hot. The temps in the morning have been in the mid to upper 70’s with really high humidity so I’ve just decided I’ll wait until the weekend to run. A couple of days off won’t hurt ;-)



I just realized I haven’t posted since last Sunday…lots of updates to share.

I’ve gotten in two runs this week – it’s been so dang hot & humid that I only ran once during the week and our ‘long run’ this weekend was only 3.25 miles. Not much else to say except I was taking it easy so I wouldn’t get overheated…but that happened anyway :-(  Here are the stats:

Wed 6/17:

6.17.15 garmin

Sat 6/20: 

You can see that I walked a good part of mile 3…ugh!



One the sewing front, I made another pouch and I’m almost done with the baby quilt for Ashlyn. The pouch was for a friend who asked if I would make her one…I said “Sure!”. Her favorite color is blue so I pulled a fat quarter from my June shipment (which just happened to be blues/aquas) and some starlight blue from my stash and made her this:

JoJo outside JoJo inside

I even zigzag stitched the seams to make it look more professional ;-)

Speaking of the June FQ shipment…aren’t these fabrics just gorgeous!!

June Fabric shipment

Last but certainly not least, I’ve been making great progress on the baby quilt. I finished appliqueing the name, I sandwiched and quilted it (straight lines) and I’m almost done putting on the binding…whew!

before binding


This is my hand-me-down Singer (she still works great), does anyone else put their binding roll on the extra spindle while sewing it to the quilt? I can’t claim the idea but I don’t recall where I saw it…it works great! It keeps the roll neatly out of the way and I just give it a gentle tug as I move along.

I’m hoping to get the binding turned and sewn down (stitching through the top seam) tonight…we’ll see. I’ve already got the label printed; I plan to stitch it in the corner while I’m sewing down the binding…we’ll see if I can do all that at the same time! LOL

That’s about it…ttfn…

Beating the heat

This weekend we’ve experienced pretty high temps – 94 & 96 with lots of humidity in the mornings. I went to church this morning and to the grocery store after lunch but then decided it was best to just stay indoors…so, I went to my sewing room and started working on a few projects.

A couple of months ago, I bought a whole bag of zippers from a FB quilting community and they’ve just been sitting there – staring at me, LOL. Bag of Zippers

I decided to pull up one of Jenny Doan’s tutorials and make a few zippered pouches. I actually started making them yesterday and have four completed so far. I’ve used scraps to make all of these except for the green floral print in the first picture – that came from a new FQ; everything else was scraps…Hooray for scrap buster projects!

pouches outside

pouches lining





These pouches are remarkably easy…the hardest part is remembering to move the zipper head before cutting the zipper! Yep, I made that mistake and had to trash that zipper! Ha!

I’m not really loving the black & yellow pouch, I think it’s a little too tall…but it can hold two bottles of water, so I guess it can be used for something! I’ve posted the first two on my Etsy page along with the 1 Hour Baskets I made last week…fingers crossed, maybe I can start a little side business :-D


What a great run!

Recently I’ve been ‘over-thinking’ my runs – when and where, how often, how far, should I go early, should I go later…etc. So much so that I’ve not been running on any kind of regular schedule – and I’ve decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Just get out there and run! Who cares when, who cares how far – getting out the door is so much more important.

This morning I decided that I would just get out the door and enjoy the run – no expectations, no prescribed distance or pace – and it was a GREAT run :-D It was still hot and humid but I didn’t focus on that, instead I looked around at my neighborhood with a new perspective; checking out all the landscaping and flowers. It’s been a really long time since I’ve done that and it was very refreshing!!

Now of course I still wore my Garmin, used my app to announce the 3:1 intervals and had my music playing but I didn’t focus on any of them, they were just ‘there’. Around the 2.6 mark I was getting a little overheated so I took a long walk break – who cares! I finished up 4 miles and called it a day, it was great (did I already mention that? LOL).

Here are the stats just in case you’re wondering:

6.13.15 garmin

Looking at the numbers now, I can see that I actually shaved a whole minute off my time from the last time I ran 4 miles – WOW!

I simply MUST remember to just get out and run without expectations…it really pays off!