Cotton + Steel finish

I finished quilting and binding my Cotton + Steel quilt and got outside to get some pictures.

I purchased a FQ bundle of random C+S prints a few months back when Craftsy had an incredible sale and decided to pull 12 of them to make this quilt. After getting it all pieced it looked pretty busy so I chose organic wavy lines for the quilting. I’m really pleased with the final outcome🙂


I mentioned in a previous post that a neighbor was going to be hosting an artisan party in December and I finally got some specifics



Of course I wanted to have a few more throw size quilts so I’ve started yet another project. I need backing fabric for my Halloween quilt and I found the perfect candy corn print at Connecting Threads – while browsing their sale items I came across a FQ bundle called Acorn Park and scooped it up – the colors are absolutely saturated and gorgeous! The order arrived on Saturday and by Sunday evening I had this top finished (free pattern from called Fat Eighth Frenzy)


And finally I had an old work friend reach out to me about a quilt I made earlier this year and posted on FB – he asked if I could make another one for him to give as a Christmas present. He said he had no idea if there was even enough time but wanted to ask. He was referring to this table topper I made back in May


I explained this was not a quilt rather a table topper and although I could scale this up to a throw size, I doubted I could get it done in time for a Christmas gift. He asked if I could make another one the same size and I said Yes…so he ordered one! I hope to have it done this weekend because I have to travel for work almost all next week which will put a serious cramp in my sewing & quilting time😦

I’ll post more pics as I finish…ttfn…


Progress and luck

So yeah, I haven’t run since I last posted about it…so much for running 2 miles every day! LOL! At some point I will HAVE TO get into some sort of exercise routine…argh…

I am still sewing & quilting away…here are my recent escapades:

I’ve made some progress on the commissioned Ragdoll Cat quilt…up to 12 now, just need 13 more. As I started planning ahead for the sashing and border, I realized I had not purchased enough of the ruby red back ground so I high-tailed it back to Mary Jo’s to buy more from the same bolt – whew…I have plenty now!


DH had minor knee surgery this week so I took off a few days…while he’s been resting and recuperating I’ve been getting stuff done! I’ve had this Tiny Houses quilt basted for weeks now but didn’t know how I wanted to quilt it. I finally decided I would just have fun with FMQ. Each house has it’s own design (I even quilted knobs on each door!) and I did loopy flowers in the border…once I got going it was really fun.


I wanted to make a table topper for Thanksgiving and found some pictures of a dresden turkey online and just whipped up this little guy. The topper is 18×20 and fits on my coffee table perfectly. Once I posted pictures online I was asked if it was for sale. I told them this one was mine but I could make them another one…and they said Yes! I cranked out a second turkey yesterday and put it in the mail…I didn’t take any pictures but it looks almost identical to this one😉


I’ve also been a pretty luck girl lately…I enter many giveaways on IG & FB that I don’t win but I got really lucky with these two prizes.

First, at the beginning of October I won a bundle of “Cheeky Pumpkin” fabric from Fabric Please! out of Canada. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it and then I found this pattern on Pinterest (what did we ever do before Pinterest!?). I added the rows of tone on tone fabric from my stash…I think that might glow in the dark with a black light!!

I posted the progress pictures on IG and even though it’s not finished I’ve already had a friend ask to buy it! Wow! I’ve ordered backing fabric from Connecting Threads, which should arrive today so maybe I’ll get another finish before I have to go back to work on Monday.


My second win happened back in July and I’ve been busting at the seams waiting for it to arrive…The 2017 Quilter’s Planner!!! Kitty Wilkin of Night Quilter hosted a giveaway back in July and I was so lucky to win this prize. Of course it didn’t release until earlier this month so I had quite a wait before getting my hands on it. This baby is pretty hefty and has all the usual benefits of a planner with so many extras for quilters. There are dozens of patterns and block designs along with quilting motifs and plenty of space to sketch and plan. I can’t wait for January to get here!! LOL


Last but not least, I made a few book purchases of my own. I’ve had these books on my wish list for months and finally pulled the trigger!

The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson (of the Sugar Block club) is everything and more of what I read online…I can’t wait to start making those blocks and quilts.

I bought The Half-Square Triangle book by Jeni Baker for one specific pattern but there are tons of others I want to make as well.


I also started quilting on my Cotton+Steel quilt last night and should have it finished later this morning. I’ll post pics when it’s done…ttfn…

O.M.G. November

I’ve joined a new group online to help me get my quilty projects completed…it’s called “One Monthly Goal” (OMG) and it’s being hosted by Elm Street Quilts. The premise is to pick a project you want to get accomplished that month, post it to the linkup page and then get cracking!!

My OMG for November is to finish a whole cloth quilt requested by a friend. I had two girlfriends visit last month and they both just raved about my quilting passion. One of them actually bought two quilts I had completed earlier this year and the other asked for a specific quilt for the back of her couch. We went fabric shopping and she picked out these beauties


I’ve not done a whole cloth quilt before but I think the hardest part will be deciding how to actually quilt it!!

Time to get crackin!!!


Catching up on BOM

Since my two favorite football teams weren’t playing today (both had Bye’s) I figured I’d try to do a little catching up on the Block of month sew alongs I’ve been participating in this year.

First up, Sugar Block club with Amy Gibson. We’re on our 11th block – one more and we’ll start putting it all together…yay!

I pulled up the instructions for the November block and quickly realized the template that was provided was not correct – I did some math and made my own template so I could make the block today.

Unfortunately the picture is a little blurry – I took it with my phone and then cropped it to zoom in…that didn’t turn out so good.

This block is called Hello Sunshine, I could see making a whole quilt out of this one!


I also completed three Splendid Sampler blocks…I started with the most recent and worked backward (great tip from Pat Sloan!)

#77 Prism


#76 Little Things


And then I skipped back to #73 +Love…I promise this block is not as wonky as it looks in this pic :-s


I still have many more Splendid Sampler blocks to make…hopefully I can do a few extra each week and get caught up. I’ve decided I’m not going to do anymore embroidery blocks…it’s just not my thing and I’m not going to feel guilty about it😉

That’s about all for now…G’night!

A little run…

I need to get back into a running routine so I decided to get out for a short run this afternoon. It’s been almost two months since I ran so I knew it was going to be more walking than running … but what the heck – gotta start somewhere!!

Instead of setting specific run/walk intervals I just set it for 2-one mile segments, that way I’d know when to turn around and head home! I ran as long as was comfortable and then I walked until I caught my breath…rinse & repeat.


I’d like to do this every day for a couple of weeks – 2 miles per day isn’t too much to ask, right?

Plus my running buddies have asked me to join them for a Santa 8k in early December so I gotta start getting some mileage built up!!


Let’s try this again…

For some reason I’ve been having issues trying to load pictures up on WordPress so I just stopped trying for a while. I’m gonna try again today and see what happens…

Hmmm, well I had issues again when uploading pictures so I went to the WP forum for help (none of which I could understand!)…but then it magically started working…(((scratching head)))!

I quickly loaded up all my recent projects and here they are:

  1. I’ve been commissioned to make a Cat quilt…you may recall last year I made a dog quilt and a friend showed a picture of that to a co-worker and she asked if I could not only make her a dog quilt but could I make a cat quilt. I searched the webs for a pattern and came across Elizabeth Hartman’s The Kittens – ‘purrrfect’!!! This first picture is a ‘test’ I did with some scrap fabric – love it!!


The cat quilt will be for her MIL who has two rag-doll cats so she wanted me to try to make the cats with those colors and use jewel-tones for the background. I found this ruby-red fabric at Mary Jo’s and knew it would be a good contrast with all the tans & browns. I’ve made 7 cats so far (took this pic after making 5)…I need a total of 25.


2. We celebrated our 31st anniversary on Oct 21 with a nice dinner on the town with two friends who were visiting from Maryland.


3. I was itching for a finish so I went to my Pinterest and scrolled through the hundreds of quilts I’ve saved. I ended up choosing this simple yet interesting design. I opened up a FQ bundled of Cotton+Steel and went to town. Once again – fabric selection is everything and I think I got a little carried away…it looks a little ‘busy’ but there’s no going back now!! cottonsteel

I decided on a more calm backing!


Next up is another quick finish…again, I found it on Pinterest. It’s called 2,4,6 because of the size of the fabric cuts. This finished size is about 48″ square.rbwquilt

I completed the October block in the Sugar Block club BOM (top left) and put them all up on my design wall to start contemplating the final layout. Amy suggests something a bit more airy (with lots of negative space)…I may follow her guidance.🙂


I’ve been seeing a lot of folks working on tiny houses the last few months so, of course, I had to give it a try! I got this Bonnie & Camille Handmade fabric in the October Sew Sampler box and thought it was perfect. I found the green floral for the border in my stash…now I just need to figure out how to quilt it…and then I have no idea what I’ll do with it. It could be a wall hanging as it measures 22×30…???


And last but not least is this 10 minute block quilt from last month. I don’t have any finished pictures because I was not really happy with how it turn out after I did the final quilting. I used a QAYG technique for each of these blocks and then sewed them together to finish the top. I added the backing and then did more quilting in the diamond squares on each block. Unfortunately I did not baste it correctly and there are fabric ripples on the back (ARGH!!!).


I decided I was not going to rip out all those feather stitches so I plowed ahead and put binding on it. I tossed it into my stack of finished quilts and forgot about it. My neighbor stopped by to give me the check from her co-worker for the Dog & Cat quilts and she saw it in the pile. She went ga-ga over it. She said it would be the perfect gift for her DIL because grey & yellow are her colors. I told her I was not happy with the finished product but she was adamant about buying it!! Wow, ya just never know!! I gave her a discounted price…

OK, this post is getting pretty long so I’ll just add one more thing…

Another neighbor contacted me to ask how many quilts I have ‘ready for sale’ so I counted them…17! Most are baby/child size but I have a few that are lap size and one twin size. She’s going to be hosting an ‘artisan party’ at her house in early December and invited me to show my stuff!! WOW!! Now I’m thinking about making some smaller table top/table runner items for the show…squeeee…this should be fun!


WordPress issues

I really didn’t intend to go a whole month without posting…I tried to post a couple times in October but each time I try to add pictures the site locks up…not sure if it’s just me or the site?

I’ll try again tonight and see if I have success…I have lots of pictures to load from projects I completed in October so I hope it plays nice!!

Btw…Go Cubbies!!!