Daily Posts

I’m still trying to get the hang of this ‘blog’ thing.  This is my first blog and I started out with the intentions of writing about my journey to become a better painter but I find that I don’t paint everyday and if I want to post everyday I’m going to have to write about other topics.

Today I spent some time playing with the theme or background of my blog page – I’m still not sure I’ve settled on ‘the’ one so it could continue to change.  I also spent some time rearranging the items on my desk to get a more cohesive feel, again not sure I’ve got it down.  There seems to be a recurring theme of ‘not being sure’ of what I’m doing…I’ve felt that way a lot lately.  Maybe it’s menopause or maybe I’ve just lost my ‘mojo’.  Either way I’m tired of it so I need to force myself to just do something and if it’s wrong I can just do something else. :-p

Thanks for letting me rattle on…

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