Are you ready for some Football?

The NFL playoffs start today and sadly my team is not it. That’s ok, I still like to watch good football and my second choice is the New England Patriots (who have a bye this week) so I feel pretty good.

I did my workout this morning; 2.75 miles on the treadmill – it was just too cold to run outside (for me anyway).  I’m glad I did it cuz I haven’t exercised since I was in Columbus on Tuesday…not good.  I am starting to eat a little better, more veggies & fruit less sweets and treats.

I went to lunch with Andy & Dad, to McDonald’s of all places but there are some good choices there.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo and I only ate the chicken and 1/2 the bun), 1 pk of apples (no dipping sauce) and a fruit & yogurt parfait; all in all 9 points.  Afterwards I went to the grocery store for snacks for the games and stuff to run us through next week.

Now it’s time to huddle up on the couch and enjoy the games…have fun!!  ttfn

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