Baby, its cold outside!

Living in SC, I expect the winters to be more mild than where I moved from in MD.  However, that’s not the case this week.  Not only did we get 6″ of snow we got 1/4″ of ice on top of it and the night time lows have been in the teens…brrrr.  I’m not happy about this but what can I do?  Just hold up in the house praying the heat doesn’t fail!  I’m getting a little stir crazy because I can’t just come and go as I usually do, I have to stop and consider the weather and when I do that I usually just throw up my hands and say never mind.

I haven’t been keeping up with my exercise regimen either; I’m just too cold to get motivated…sorry excuse, I know.  And I think genetics are kicking in because all I really want to do is eat and sleep…like a bear!

Looking ahead in the forecast we’re supposed to be back near normal (50’s) by next week so maybe I’ll be a little happier then…ttfn

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