What are you looking forward to?

It has been so unseasonably cold here, the one thing I’m really looking forward to is warmer weather.  Not just 50s or 60s, I mean 80s or 90s!!  I have always preferred warm weather to cold that’s why we moved to SC…but the past few winters have been more harsh than normal and I’m getting really sick of it.  I don’t want to move any further south so I guess I’ll just have to live with it.  I guess I could take a weekend trip to a warmer location…hmmm I’ll have to think seriously about that!

We don’t have any vacation plans that I can look forward to; no major purchases either.  I guess I need to think of something to give myself something to look forward to or to work towards.  Wow, that just really sunk in…I have nothing major to look forward to…how sad  😦   It’s my own fault, I live day to day and just shuffle around the house.

I guess I have one long range thing to look forward to…I want to retire at 55.  I’ve been setting aside money in an IRA and 401K but I can’t tap into that until I’m at least 63.  I’ve also been putting money aside in a savings account and CDs that should bridge me to official retirement age; plus I plan on getting a part-time job but it will be doing something I enjoy not because I need the money.

So my next task is to figure out where to go for a weekend trip or plan a full vacation…I’ll keep you posted.  ttfn

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