Weight Watchers

I’m currently in Lifetime mode for WW but I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon over the holidays.  My weigh-in is tonight and I know I’m going to be at least 3lbs over my goal.  That’s not so bad, I know I can lose it I just need to start being active again.  I signed up for a 5K run in March so that will motivate me to get going again.  It’s been so darn cold here over the last month that I just don’t feel like exercising…although I know that’s when I need it the most.

I’ll update this post after my weigh-in so I can be accountable for the weight I’ve gained and work towards getting back on track…ttfn

**Update: as I suspected I was over my goal weight by 2.6lbs.  I’ve got four weeks until my next weigh in to lose it or I’ll have to pay another fee to weigh-in.**

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