What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday?

Ah, the perfect Sunday…gee that really depends on the weather.  If it’s warm outside then I would want to spend the day outdoors; picnicing or taking a hike.  If it’s cold outside then that means its football season and I would definitely want to be watching my favorite team win.

No matter the weather I would want to be with my best friend and husband, Andy, and our dog Sammie.  It’s not like we don’t spend a lot of time together now but if its a perfect day then they’re both there. 

I would also like to go to a show or a movie in the evening to cap off the perfect day…and if I could throw in a little karaoke then the day would be complete.  I’m a simple girl, I don’t really need a lot to make me happy.

On another note: I did go up and spend some time painting last week.  I’ve got two started and now they’re just calling out to me to finish.  I may go up there tomorrow and do some more work.  I haven’t logged onto the painting course I found online in quite a while – par for the course for me, I’m good at starting things but not so good a finishing.  Now if it was something for someone else I have no problem finishing…I always seem to put my stuff off.  I’m sure a shrink would be able to tell me why; it’s pretty frustrating that I do that to myself so much and as much as I say I’m going to finish what I start, here I go again.

Enough complaining…ttfn

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