To Facebook or not to Facebook

I find myself battling this question several times a day.  As I tell myself that I’m not going to log on to FB today I know that I will anyway.  Could this be an addiction?  Is that what Zuckerburg planned – we would all get addicted to FB?  I enjoy reading all my friend’s updates and try to think of something clever to post on my page.  I also enjoy looking through everyone’s pictures but what I find I spend the most time doing is following links from the pages I have ‘Like’d.  I could get lost for hours just clicking around and most often do.  I find this frustrating once I shake myself from the trance, how could I have wasted so much time?  Maybe I should start a 12 step program to kick FB…would anyone join?

Facebook isn’t all bad, it allows me to stay connected with friends and family that I wouldn’t otherwise talk to or keep in touch with; so for that I really like it.  But that gets outweighed by all the wasted time.  So once again tomorrow I will ask myself: To Facebook or not to Facebook and see where it takes me.   ttfn

One thought on “To Facebook or not to Facebook

  1. “Is that what Zuckerburg planned – we would all get addicted to FB?”

    In a word, yes. Facebook is way too addicting. I’ve been thinking for a while of cutting back on it, and have had some small victories in the past few days by not logging on as often.


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