First meeting with Life Coach

Although I am still a little skeptical, I had my first meeting with a life coach yesterday.  He seems very engaged and willing to help so I should stop my negativity and try to jump in with both feet.  His name is Bob and he seems to have ‘heard’ it all before – I mean that in a good way; my problems are not unique and he’s worked with others stuck in the same place.  He said we would start out by crafting a mission statement – now these things always make me feel like I’m treating my life like a business so I get a little turned off but he asked me to play along so I will.  He started asking questions about identifying 3 things I’m passionate about – ok that’s my problem!  That’s why I’ve enlisted his help – I can’t figure out what my passions are…but I played along and I was able to name a few things I ‘think’ I’m passionate about.  Then he asked me to name 3 defining moments in my life – wow this is getting really deep now.  Then he asked me to name 3 defining moments in my career – some of those were overlapping with the first.  And lastly he asked if I had only 6 months to live what would I do with that time.  Ok, I’m officially exhausted at this point but I have to admit I had a few revelations during these exercises.  I guess I do know what my passions are I’m just afraid to go after them.  He assigned me homework – get a journal and write all the reasons I can’t do what I want…that’s right, every thing that ‘little voice’ in my head tells me about why I can’t do something – write it down.  This should be easy 🙂

Ok, so the first meeting went pretty well and I’m looking forward to our next meeting.  I’m just so tired of ‘wishing’ I could do something else but never moving from the spot I’m in…as the old saying goes ‘etiher shit or get off the pot’.  Hopefully Bob will help me ‘get off the pot’!!  ttfn

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