2nd session with Life Coach

Well today’s session really opened things up for me. I recognized just how much I’ve been stiffling myself when it comes to knowing what my passions are. Singing and songwriting are what really gets me fired up but I’ve been suppressing it because the ‘logical’ side of my brain has been in control. That little voice keeps saying things like: you’re too old, you’ll look silly, people will laugh at you, you’re not good enough…and the list just goes on and on. We talked about how unhappy I am by not following my passion and determined that I’ve got to reel in the logical side of my brain. It’s really been having way too much control over how I live my life. So now that we’ve determined what my passion is and what’s holding me back, we need to create a plan to overcome it and move forward. That’s my homework from this session. We meet again in two weeks and I hope to have my mission statement finalized and maybe even a song or two completed – hey, a girl can dream! ttfn

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