Meeting with Life Coach

So I had my third meeting with my life coach – I gotta say this is working out pretty well for me.  I’ve really started taking my passion seriously and have gotten further than I ever have before.  I’ve finally completed my mission statement, it wasn’t so intimidating after all, and I have finished my first complete song – music and all.  Now he’s asked me to record it and send it to him – yikes!  It’s all good, I have until Friday to do that so I should be able to get it done.  I’m such an introvert when it comes to sharing my music, I feel like people are going to tell me it’s good even if it’s bad just so they don’t hurt my feelings.  I’ve got to get over that!! 

My next meeting with the Life Coach is a week from Monday and then I think I’m going to push our next meeting out by a month and then the next one (which will be the 6th meeting) out a month as well.  After that I’ll evaluate whether I want to continue…it’s kinda pricey.  ttfn.

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