4th meeting with Life Coach

I had my 4th meeting last Monday and although my song was not finished I sent it to him over the weekend.  He was pleasantly surprised that I kept my committment and said that he thought the song was good.  I don’t take compliments well so I had to give him 1000 reasons why the song needed more work.  I do honestly believe it needs more work but I think I got too hung up on the quality of the vocals and the recording than I did the structure and melody of the song.  I’ve been working on the song a little more this week and I’m going to change the chorus slightly to give it a little more emphasis.  Bob (Life Coach) wanted to know what the next steps were and I said “I don’t know”.  He didn’t take that as my final answer so we brainstormed a bit about what I could do next and he said I needed to figure out who I would like to have sing my song and then start making contacts with people that could lead to that happening… What!?!?!  Wow, that seems like a BIG next step…maybe because I’m scared.  He wanted to know what I’m afraid of and we went down that path for quite some time.  Before we knew it my hour was up, damn.  He gave me some ‘homework’ to do and we scheduled our next meeting for 30 days out.  I need to get a better recording of my song and then visit the NSAI meeting and have it played and evaluated and then ask if they know of any contacts I can make to get the song in the hands of people that can make my dreams come true…oh that should easy  ;-\  ttfn.

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