I had such a great day

Yesterday was an amazing day!  I had written some lyrics to a new song and sang the melody to a back beat a few weeks ago, then I got a message from a new acquaintance who wanted to meet and talk about songwriting.  We exchanged a few emails and I shared my song with her.  We had planned to meet at a little pastry shop in town and at the last minute she suggested we meet at a music studio so we could work on some harmonizing chords to go with my song.  I was so excited!  She is an amazing piano player and singer and within an hour she had recorded a wonderful working tape of my song…it brought tears to my eyes.  Having the lyrics, melody and harmony come together like that was just breath-taking.  I have no idea where this might lead but it has inspired me to write even more and look into taking guitar lessons.  It would be so wonderful if I could put a whole song together (although I really like the idea of collaborating) but I would need to take lessons.  I’ve already checked with a few places and I’m leaning toward a music store that is affiliated with the local NSAI chapter.

I came home and played the song for my husband (actually it was only the first verse and chorus) and he liked it.  I then sent it off to my mother so she could hear it because she had heard the version of just me singing with a back beat.  She was really impressed.  I have made a few adjustments to the lyric and I just about have it where I want it.  Carrie said that when I was done I could send it to her and she would make a new recording of the whole song for me to have.  AMAZING!

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