Checking Twitter feed

Here’s the latest news on my songwriting: I’ve been taking guitar lessons, just started two weeks ago and I feel like I’m making good progress; the teacher says so too.  I’m learning chords and notes and even some finger picking already.  I still have to look to make sure my fingers are in the right place – that will probably go on for quite a while.

As for actual songwriting, I’ve sent the final lyrics & melody for “Don’t Ask Me Why” off to a friend who has graciously volunteered to put piano accompaniment to it.  As soon as I get that back I’ll put some vocals to it and post it here for all to hear.  I’ve just started working on another song – working title “This Ain’t Living”.  I only have a chorus so I’ve got a ways to go to complete it.  I attended the local NSAI meeting last week and learned a lot about online tools to help with songwriting and promoting my music – hence this new page.  There were also a number of songwriters who presented their songs.  It’s so cool to hear work in progress from other writers – I really have to take the leap and perform one of my songs one day for the group.

That’s it for now…stay tuned for more info soon.

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