Still reeling…now it’s Andy’s turn

So my 50th birthday was in December and now my husband, Andy, turned 60 yesterday.  I asked him weeks ago if he wanted a party and he said no…I asked if he wanted to go away and he couldn’t decide so we didn’t go anywhere and now he gets the bitter taste of folks not thinking enough of you to call you on a milestone birthday.  I did my best to make sure everyone knew about it…you would think his friends would send a card or call…only one did.  Many others sent him birthday wishes through Facebook…but it’s just not the same – that really takes no effort at all.

I’m still feeling bitter over what happened for my birthday…I guess if you don’t make it easy for people (aka have a party) then they just don’t make the effort, so sad.  I just need to get over it…I will, eventually.

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