Learning more than just how to write a novel

I’ve been reading No Plot, No Problem again…just one passage really about being busy:

“For me the moral of the story is this: A rough draft is best written in the steam-cooker of an already busy life. If you have a million things to do, adding item number 1,000,001 is not such a big deal.When, on the other hand, you have nothing to do, getting out of bed and washing yourself before 2:00P.M. feels like too much work to even contemplate.”

This passage struck me as true for many parts of my life; I’ve been searching for just ‘one’ thing for a creative outlet and now I think I’m looking at this all wrong.  When I try to devote all my time to just one thing (ex. painting or crochet or singing) I find that I do everything BUT that.  I need to fill my time with many things that make me happy and then each one will feel like a treat when I get to do it….

ahhh, the light slowly dawns grasshopper…

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