Reading Purpose Driven Life

My husband and I started reading this book about a week ago.  It took me a little while to get him to agree to read it with me and a little longer to get him started.  We aren’t following the prescribed reading every night but he’s reading it and I’m happy with that.  We’re up through Chapter 4 and we’ve been having short discussions about what we’re reading; that’s more than I thought I’d be able to get him to do.

I don’t quite agree with everything I’ve read so far but I’m keeping an open mind.  I’ve never been a very religious person so all the references to bible verses is a bit new to me.  I’m also not quite sure I know how to live for God; I’m hoping the rest of the book will give me some insight.

For now I’m happy with the progress we’ve made so far and that this is allowing us to have deeper, more meaningful conversations.  ttfn

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