Procrastinating again…

Here I go again, procrastinating.  My last post I was so excited about writing a new song and getting it to a working draft stage to share.  Well here I am a week later and I haven’t moved one step closer; it seems the closer I get to a finished product the slower I move.  I know it’s my deep seated fear of rejection that is holding me back (if I never finish it and share it no one can reject me) and it frustrates me to no end.  I’m a problem solver at heart, so the sheer fact of knowing what my problem is and not being able to solve it just drives me nuts!  I can rationalize with myself all day but when it comes time to actually do something I find 101 other things that simply must be done instead.  Classic.

So here’s what I’m going to do…right now…I’m going to finish this entry and then I’m going upstairs to finish my draft so I can share it next week at the NSAI meeting.  That’s it.  ttfn


I did it…I finished recording a working copy of my song and it’s ready to share next week.  Finally, I followed through!!  nite, nite.

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