Song finished…niece visiting

I’ve finished my song “This Ain’t Living” so I’m ready for the NSAI meeting Tuesday night.  I’ve been playing with it in a few different keys to see if I like it better…I may record it again and then decide which one I’ll play Tues night.  My niece is coming to visit tomorrow, staying until Friday.  I’m so excited; I hope she’ll go with me to the NSAI meeting.  I’d like her to hear the song when it gets played for critique and then she can give me her opinion as well.  I know it’s not a number 1 song but I do believe it’s commercial and I’d like to get some feedback on making it stronger.

I’m using an electronic keyboard which helps me put chords to my songs without actually having to play all the notes myself…cheating if you will.  But at least this gives me a chance to hear the songs with background music since I can’t seem to find a collaborator that can play an instrument who is willing to work with me on a regular basis.  I must admit that I haven’t pursued collaborating as hard as I could have.  I did send a message to Fiona from our local NSAI chapter, she told me at our last meeting that she would be willing to work with me.  Hopefully we can make it happen.  ttfn

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