Song critique

Last night was the NSAI meeting and I played my song for the group.  It was a smaller group than normal but I got a lot of feedback about improvements I can make to my song.  I asked for feedback specifically on the bridge and they confirmed what I already knew…it needs some work.  Overall everyone was very positive and offered some good insights.  My niece decided not to go with me, it is a three hour meeting so that’s a lot to ask someone to sit through.  Instead, she stayed home with my husband and they watched movies.

I’ve been having fun with my niece, she’s a Cross Fit fanatic so she works out everyday.  She inspired me to get out yesterday morning for a run, my first in 10 days.  I felt pretty good during the first mile, the second mile was a little rough and the third mile was almost impossible.  I’m suffering with menopausal hot flashes and when one hits in the middle of running it feels like I’m on fire!  Nevertheless I finished my run and I felt better for having done it.

Today we’re going to lunch and then having a pedicure and doing some shopping…a nice leisurely day.  I’ll see if I can post my song to YouTube and then link it here in case you’d like to give me some feedback as well.  ttfn


Here’s the link:


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