Getting back in shape

As I mentioned before, my niece came to spend a week with us and she’s really gotten herself into great shape.  She’s joined CrossFit and goes just about every day.  She inspired me to get my butt off the proverbial couch and get moving.  I ran 3 miles on Thursday, took Friday off and then I did a modified burpee workout with situps on Saturday and I rode my bike for 9.5 miles today.

I’m not sure yet what tomorrow holds because I decided I would let chance determine that.  I have a cube that I numbered 1-6 and then she helped me outline 6 different workouts I could do (as a beginner).  I simply roll the dice to determine what my workout will be for the day.  She takes off on Tuesday & Friday so I’m going to follow the same pattern…hopefully I’ll lose the 16lbs I found and build my strength as well.  I like the idea of doing something different each day and letting chance decide…it takes the pressure off of me trying to figure it out.  ttfn

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