Now it’s getting hard

I’ve made it to the weekend and I’ve done my workouts each day I’m supposed to and now today I roll what I think is the hardest workout…running intervals! so I’m procrastinating.  I slept in late this morning, went to lunch with the hubby, came home and checked the weather (hoping it was going to rain) and now I simply must finish my latest knitting project – come on!

So since it’s not going to rain and I’ve made a commitment to get back in shape I must get off my tush, change my clothes and hit the pavement to run intervals.  This will be my first time ever doing this so I can only imagine how awkward it’s going to look, lol.  The workout is only for 20 minutes, surely I can muster up enough motivation to get it done…ok, so here I go.  I’ll post an update later to let you know how I did.  ttfn

***Update: I did it!! Yay me.  I think that’s the hardest workout I’ve ever done.  I don’t enjoy trying to run fast, I’ve never been known for my speed – LOL!  But the workout is in the books and I’m glad I followed through.  ttfn

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