Song Circle, Mother Bears, Cutting grass

I’ve had a really good weekend; it started Friday evening with an invite to a neighbor’s house for a song circle.  She attends NSAI with me and she recently moved to a new house so she was inviting folks over for an open house as well as a song circle.  I had a blast listening to them play their songs as well as some covers – I need to build up the nerve to do that one day.

Then I spent most of Saturday moving our lawn; my husband usually has yard duty but he had cataract surgery last week and was restricted from doing any yard work.  He tried to find a local yard service to cut it and they agreed to come by Friday to take care of it…unfortunately they never showed up.  He called them Saturday morning to see if they were still coming and we’ve yet to hear from them.  So, I got my best ‘yard’ duds on and went out there and mowed the sucker Saturday afternoon.  Let me tell you, that is one heck of a large yard to cut and I was thoroughly exhausted to put it midly.  Thank goodness it wasn’t over 100 degrees – I’m sure I would’ve melted!  One good thing, my pulled quad really got worked out and it feels better today.

Needless today we didn’t go out Saturday night, I got in bed and watched the Olympics coverage until I passed out.  I was able to knit a little bit on my second Mother Bear and then today I finished him up…you can see the finished project here:

I’ll be watching more Olympics tonight and then it’s back to work tomorrow.  ttfn

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