Still working on my first pair of socks

So I’ve been working on knitting socks two at a time but I haven’t gotten very far at this point.  I did have several restarts but I think I’m finally getting somewhere.  It still feels like the sock will be too big (wide) for my foot but I’m following the pattern so I’ll just hope it all works out in the end.

Now you might be saying to yourself “why are there two differnt colors?”  Well here’s what happened…I purchased two different colors of yarn as I intended to knit two pairs of socks, then I found the instructions for knitting two socks at a time but I only had one ball of each color so the only way to do two at a time was to do one of each color.  I’ve read posts about folks who only knit one sock and then stop so I’ll at least have a mis-matched set if I do that…lol.  But I fully intend to knit the mates to these.  I’ll keep you posted as I progress…ttfn

3 thoughts on “Still working on my first pair of socks

  1. LOL! Single sock syndrome even while knittng two at a time. That’s priceless. Hang in there a few restarts are to be expected. The upside to doing them toe up is that you can try them on. When you get a little closer to the heel just slip one on. You can tell for sure if it fits then, but I’ve had really good luck with sizing being accurate, so hopefully you will too. Hope you’re having fun.


      1. My first socks were very exciting. I never really mastered the heel though. I’ve only done about 5 pairs of socks and I have to look up the heel turn everytime. Are you doing a short row heel?


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