Starting to feel a little better

I’ve been beating myself up a bit lately because I’ve let my fitness take a back seat.  I’ve packed on 15lbs over the last year – the same 15lbs I lost about 3 years ago!  I distinctly recall saying to myself that I needed to watch what I was eating and exercise more right after the first 5lbs came back.  And then when 5 more appeared I spoke more harshly with myself…but all to no avail…I ignored my own best interests and now I’ve got 15lbs to get rid of just to get to the high end of the ‘healthy weight’ zone for my height.

But… I am starting to feel better because I’ve been walking/jogging over the last several days and I feel like I’m getting back into a routine of exercise…yay!  I found this wonderful website/app (**it’s free**) called “Lose it” which lets me track everything I eat and all my exercise activity in one place.

I still use mapmyrun to track all of my outdoor activity and my 5k runs…it’s a great app that has voice feedback while you’re working out to let you know how far you’ve gone and how fast.  Here’s the summary from today’s workout:

mapmyrun 4.30.13

4 thoughts on “Starting to feel a little better

  1. Hi, I found your blog by searching for the Weekend Retreat Cardi from Lion Brand. I was drawn to yours because I ordered the same yarn in the same color to knit the same sweater. I am a fairly new knitter and I will be knitting this cardi as a gift. What I was wondering was if you found the cardi to run large? I was planning on knitting a small and only ordered 3 skeins of yarn. Now I’m wondering if I should knit the medium, but it calls for 4 skeins. Also some people are saying that the neckline was stretching out. Do you think that is because they used a different yarn? I would appreciate any help or any response. Your cardi looks so pretty. I’m so glad I chose that color. 🙂 Thank you.


    1. Hi Linda, I knit the medium size and found the cardi is a little bigger than I would’ve liked. I swatched before starting and made sure I had the proper gauge so the pattern must be written to run a little on the large side. I wasn’t sure if washing & blocking would make a difference but it didn’t. I used 3 full skeins and just a little bit of the 4th so if you’re going to make the small you should be fine with 3 skeins. I haven’t had any issues with the neckline stretching out but if I had it to do over again I would add a button at the top to keep it closed; I would also make it a little bit longer but that’s just my personal preference.
      Good luck with yours, can’t wait to see pictures 🙂


      1. Thank you so much for your reply. I like the idea of a buttonhole and I think I can do that. You might have to wait a long time for pictures. Ha! I’m still pretty slow at knitting.


  2. Thanks for the follow. Someone else mentioned that app to me and said it was good but, I haven’t tried it out yet for myself.


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