Heading in the wrong direction

I finished C25K, Week 2 Day 3 and it appears my times are getting slower…ugh!  I was hoping it would go the other direction :-/


I won’t get discouraged…I will keep running.  I’ve got the Electric Run 5K coming up in July so I need to be ready!


4 thoughts on “Heading in the wrong direction

  1. First off, the fact that you are doing this is awesome! This is where I started my journey and the fact that you’re pacing at under 13 minutes is fantastic. And the thing with this program is that for the next few weeks you are probably going to pace a little bit slower just because of the fact that you are running for longer periods of time. I used to worry about my pace constantly and I have had to learn that it’s not important. The important thing to me is that fact that I’m out there running every day and that I’m working hard to be active. The pace will get faster with time. Just don’t get discouraged. You’re actually doing really well! 🙂


    1. Hi Jen, Thanks for the encouragement. Since I’m doing this all on my own I really don’t know what’s good and what’s not, so I appreciate your feedback. I’ll try not to worry about my pace and just keep running. My end goal is just to ‘run’ the whole 5k without stopping to walk – no matter what my finishing time is…we’ll see.


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