Running in the rain

As I mentioned before, I’ve started the Couch to 5K program so I need to run every other day.  Of course today is my running day and it’s raining, which in the Southeast it’s been doing that for about a week now.  I decided I would tough it out and go for my run as scheduled.  I waited for a break in the rain and hoped that I would make it through but not 2 minutes into the run it started to rain.  It wasn’t any big down pour, more of a light shower and it only lasted a few minutes so not too bad.  The other two showers happened later in my run and actually felt good, but I’m glad I stuck a small towel in my fanny pack! 

Week 2 Day 3 is done and now I can celebrate a wet 4th of July with all the fixins.


Happy Independence Day to all!

One thought on “Running in the rain

  1. We ran a race for the first time in the rain on the 4th…it was great! Then again, on Saturday…I needed some groceries, but didn’t get them because I might get wet 🙂


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