C25K Week 3 Day 1

I was quite anxious going into this week as it meant I would need to run for 3 mins at a time.  I wasn’t sure if my legs would be able to run that long since I’ve only been doing 90 secs up until now.  And in addition to that I decided to start some strength training on my core on my off days and I was particularly sore after my workout yesterday.

After the warmup, the workout starts with a 90 sec run then 90 sec walk which was not bad at all.  It actually helped loosen me up.  Then came the first 3 minute run, I made sure that I mapped out my route so that the 3 min runs would be on as flat a surface as possible.  I made it through that segment pretty well and I was feeling quite proud of myself and I made sure to make the most of the 3 min walk.  Then there was another 90 sec run and walk; this time my legs started to feel like two big slabs of rubber.  It was difficult to get through that segment and I knew I still had 3 mins of running left.  I tried to recover during the walking segment as best I could.  Then she said “Start running” and I mustered all the energy I could but I started off slow so I could make it through the entire segment.  By the end of that 3 minute run I thought my legs were going to give out – but, I finished it!!! Yay!!  I was still quite a distance from home so when I finished the 5 min cool down I was ready to do a little more running.  I added two more running segments and finished the morning putting in 3 miles…WOW!

Here are the two tracking segments…the first from the C25K app and the second from MapMyRun.

7.6.13 c25k

7.6.13 mmr

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