I’m still running…

I thought I’d catch up on my running posts…I just finished Week3 Day3 earlier today. It was my first time starting a run while it was raining. I thought about waiting until later but I knew if I did that I would never get my run in today;  so I put on a visor, made sure my phone was protected and I left.  Thankfully it wasn’t a downpour rather more of a soft steady rain and then about half way through it stopped.  I took a small hand towel with me to help keep my hands and face dry…all in all it was a pretty good run.  Here are my interval times…I’m no speed demon but that’s not my goal either 🙂

7.11.13 c25k

I also have the mapmyrun app on because I usually end up further away from home when the run is finished so I want to be sure to capture the entire workout!  My total distance this morning was just over 3 miles…yay!

7.11.13 mmr

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