C25K Week 4, Day 1 – Done!

I completed the W4D1 workout this morning…wow, that was harder than I thought it was going to be!  I was doing pretty good until the last 5 min run segment – I had to walk for about a minute because I started feeling light-headed.  Obviously I wasn’t getting enough oxygen but I’m not sure how to address that!!  I wasn’t running fast by any stretch of the imagination, my pace was about 11:30 which was slower than the first 5 min segment – but I was going uphill (ah-ha!) maybe that was it.  I’m going to have to rethink my route to try to avoid that until I’m a little more conditioned.  I did make up for stopping by running some during the last walking segment, so over all I feel good about the workout.


My favorite part about running is coming home to stretch! ha!  I turn on some relaxing music and take about 20 mins to stretch my legs, hips and back and just cool off.  I guess that’s my motivation to keep running!  Until next time…

5 thoughts on “C25K Week 4, Day 1 – Done!

  1. Uphill is tough. Early on I had to change my route because I was originally going over a pretty steep overpass. That part was always pretty difficult.

    I like that you ran the last walking segment!


  2. I’m sticking to flatland for now! Also, I use the C25K app for my iPhone and if it’s really humid and I’m having troubles getting a good breath in, I’ll hit pause and gain control again. I try not to do it too much, but when it feels like oxygen is hard to come by I think it’s ok to have a quick pause. Are you still running? I look forward to reading more posts. I’m currently on week 4, too. If you took a break from running or posting, come on back! =)


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