Third times a charm!

I did the C25K, Week4 Day3 program this morning and I was finally able to complete all the run segments!!!  Yay!!!  That last 5 min run segment was really hard but I was determined not to give up.  I said to myself that I would have to fall down before I stopped – thankfully that didn’t happen!  I purposely mapped out a route that was more shade than sun and I think that may have helped.  I’m going to repeat Week 4 just to be sure I can complete all three days before I move on to Week 5.

7.18.13 c25k

5 thoughts on “Third times a charm!

  1. Good for you! I’ve done the C25K before and I saw a difference but of course it was not problem to stop either. Need to get back into an exercise routine. Good luck with week 5.


  2. Well done! I’m repeating Week 4 too. What app are you using to get the breakdown of the segments? The graphic looks great and I’d love to know how I’m doing at each stage. 🙂


    1. I’m using C25k by Run Double. I’ve got an Android device if that makes any difference. That break down doesn’t show up on my phone, I get that by logging on to their website from my PC.


      1. Thanks. I have an iPhone so not sure if I can get that app. Will check it out though. 🙂


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