Not today

Today is a scheduled run day for me but I decided it was in my best interest not to run. I’ve been having pain in both feet on and off for the last few weeks. I haven’t been able to put my finger on what might be causing it, the pain is on the side of my foot centered between the ankle and heel. It’s a weird spot. I haven’t changed shoes recently, the pair I’m using is not quite 3 months old so they shouldn’t be worn out yet. Has anyone else experienced this?

I plan on running again Saturday, picking up where I left off – Week 5, Day 2. We’ll see what a few days off does for me…

2 thoughts on “Not today

  1. My yoga teachers used to say “listen to your body.” Though we’re all trying to push ourselves a little farther, sometimes when the body says “stop,” it’s time to stop.

    I’m so glad I took a full ten days off a couple of weeks ago. I suspect if I had pushed through it I would have just made things worse, but instead I came back from the break in much better condition.

    Not particularly relevant, but your post title made me think of Syrio Forel.


    1. I’ve been pushing through the pain for a couple of weeks now and just as you noted, I decided by my body was trying to tell me something. If the pain is still there tomorrow I may decide to wait a little longer before I run again.

      Thanks for the reference to the video…made me chuckle!


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