Week 5 Day 1 redo

After taking a week off from running to let my feet recover from whatever problems they were having, I got back out there this morning to pickup were I left off on the C25K program. The last time I ran I did the W5D1 workout using the Distance version instead of Timed and I was not able to ‘run’ all of the running segments so I decided to start that over again. I’m happy to report that I was able to complete all the running segments this morning, albeit a little slower than I would’ve liked – BUT – my overall pace was about the same as it has been in the past, so all is good.

8.14.13 c25k

My feet didn’t bother me at all during the workout so that’s another big plus.  I switched up a few things for my run today, not sure if that had any bearing on my feet at all.  I took a different route; I didn’t wear my fanny pouch instead I used my armband to hold my phone and carried a bottle of water in my hand.  I actually turned around when the app told me I was halfway, usually I keep going and then when the workout is over I’m at least .75 miles from home.  I’ll try all these same things on my next run and see if I still feel as good afterward.

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