Week 6, Day 1…a little surprised

I moved on to Week 6, Day 1 in the C25K program today.  I was a little surprised during the run segments because I was not feeling particularly strong (which is frustrating because I felt pretty good during the W5D3 20 minute run just a few days ago) but then when I looked at the pace breakdown I was completely shocked that I finished the last interval faster than the first and second!!  I can tell you on that last interval it felt like I was dragging an elephant behind me so to think that was my fastest pace is just crazy!  I guess I’ll use that as motivation for W6D2!

I still can't believe my last run interval was faster than the first two!
I still can’t believe my last run interval was faster than the first two!

I did have another issue on today’s run which was getting very overheated.  It wasn’t particularly hot this morning, about 75, but it was rather humid.  Still, I’ve run on hotter/more humid days and haven’t felt this bad.  I guess each run is going to be different and I just need to wait to see what I’m going to have to ‘deal with’ each day!  I was hoping by the time I got this far in the program it would start to feel a little easier…ugh.  But I’m not giving up!!!


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