humid, humid, humid

Today was Week6 Day2 – warmup, run 10 mins, walk 3 mins, run 10 mins, cool down. I was anticipating this was not going to be too difficult since I ran a full 20 mins last week…boy was I wrong!  It was SO humid this morning that I started feeling it only a few minutes into the first 10 mins…ugh…I knew it was going to be tough run from that point forward. I finished the first 10 mins and was so grateful to hear ‘her’ tell me to slow to a brisk walk!  I was terribly overheated and started doubting that I would be able to finish (I have terrible self-talk habits!).  After the 3 min walk I started running again, I made it through 5 mins and I just had to walk.  I stopped for about 30 seconds just to towel off and take a drink and then I started running again.  I got to 2 mins left and I just couldn’t run any more so I stopped again to walk, this time I walked until ‘she’ told me to slow to a cool down pace and then I ran for 2 mins to make up for the walk.  All in all not a terrible workout but I will repeat Day 2 again until I can complete the work out as designed.

9.2.13 c25k

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