Week 7 Day 1

I’ve changed my run days to M,W,F so that I can ‘allow’ myself to sleep in on the weekends.  It’s an incentive I’m trying to use to get my butt out of bed; if I do my workouts during the week (when I have to get up for work anyway) then I can sleep in on the weekends.  This is the first week and so far so good.

Today I started Week 7, which is 25 mins of solid running for all three days.  Before I could even psych myself out, I just got up, got dressed and got out the door.  Once I started running that little negative voice kicked in telling me I couldn’t run for 25 mins and about 11 mins in ‘it’ won.  I had to stop to towel off and get a drink because of hot flash #1.  I only walked for about a minute and then got right back into running.  At about the 19 min mark I had to stop again, hot flash #2.  That walk was about 30 seconds and I started running again.  I experienced another hot flash around the 24 min mark but I was not about to stop so close to the end.  I used time during the cool down to make up for the time I walked, so I feel good about the workout.  And I’ll have two more attempts to run the whole time!

9.6.13 c25k

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