Week 7, Day 2

I’m happy to report that I finished W7D2 yesterday morning.  I still had to stop for two quick breaks (damn hot flashes!) but I felt a lot stronger during this run than in the past.  I took a slightly different route and I practiced some Chi running techniques.  I think focusing on my form helped to stop my negative thinking!!  And it looks like it helped my pace just a little bit too 🙂

9.9.13 c25k

4 thoughts on “Week 7, Day 2

  1. Amazing job! I hope to be where you are very soon! (Kind of stuck on Week 5 Day2 BUT yesterday I managed BOTH 8 minute runs WITHOUT having to stop and walk- sorry for the caps, but that makes me VERY excited … lol ) 🙂 Great job-you are almost done with the program!


    1. Thanks! Don’t worry about repeating weeks or days, I did that in both week 4 and week 5 and I believe it helped me stay on the program…otherwise I would’ve gotten frustrated and discouraged and quit. As long as you keep making progress, that’s what is most important. And I don’t mind the caps at all – you should be VERY excited!! 🙂


    1. Thanks Amy. I think I’ve just resigned myself that I’m going to need to take quick breaks during the run. I completed W7D3 yesterday and the same thing happened. I wonder if I ran with a buddy if I would have a different outcome…I’ll have to check into that.


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