Week 7 Day 3

I use my phone as an alarm in the morning and I also use my regular alarm clock as a backup.  Good thing, because yesterday morning my phone never went off.  As I investigated I found that I ran out of battery overnight so I knew it was going to be difficult to get a good charge before my run but I tried anyway.  As I got ready and ate a little something I willed the battery to charge quickly.  I only gave it about 20 minutes and then headed out the door.  The C25k app ran the whole time but I think I lost my GPS signal because when ‘she’ said I was done it had only recorded 1/4 mile…dang it!  I mentally kept track of where I started and finished and I used the mapmyrun website to calculate that I had covered 2.2 miles…still not the 2.5 the C25K program says I should be running in 25 mins but I’m getting there.  I still needed to stop twice during the run but as I’ve been doing, I made up for it during the cool down.

I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll charge my phone at night to be sure I have enough battery to keep track of my workout.  😦

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