Not all running is just for exercise

I know I haven’t written about running for a few weeks but I’ve been keeping up…for the most part.

I’ve had three trips in the last 3 weeks which has put a bit of a wrench in my plans. I drove to Maryland for my grandson’s first birthday party on Sep 28th. I had to make the trip alone because my husband came down with shingles a few days before the trip. It wasn’t too bad driving the 7 hours alone, I just rolled the widows down and turned the radio up.  The bad part was the turn around time – I drove up on Friday and back on Sunday because I had to fly to OH on Monday…that part wasn’t fun at all.

I was in OH until Wed for a business meeting and then I was settled for a couple of weeks. Last week I was in Chicago for a quick business trip – in on Tues and out on Wed but it was a bit frustrating because I experienced quite a few issues with my flights; I won’t bore you with the details 🙂

So I told you all that just to let you know that I’m on track with the Run for God program even though I’ve missed a few meetings with the group.


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