Week 8 Run for God

Believe it or not I’m still meeting with my running group and we’re in week 8 of the Run for God program which is to run 20 mins for all three workouts…and…I did it!  What has really helped is that the group is now meeting 3 times a week to run together…I fear I would not have completed all three workouts if it weren’t for that.  My times have been a little all over the place but today’s run was my fastest…yay!

I also went to a sports store last week and got evaluated for what type of running shoe I need.  I’ve been using stability shoes just because I thought I needed them and come to find out, I don’t.  They recorded my feet while running on a treadmill and I don’t pronate (ankles roll in) or supinate (ankles roll out) while I run so I’ve been using a shoe with too much support.  I tried on several pairs of ‘neutral’ shoes and like the Muzino Wave Rider 16 the best.  I’ve used them for the last two runs and although I don’t notice much difference during the run, I do feel better afterward.




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