3 weeks from the 5K


I missed a few run dates with my Run for God group last week…Tues 11/12 because it was just too dang cold and wet (I later found out they didn’t run either) and again on Thur 11/14 because I was just too dang lazy!  I did muster up the energy to get out this morning to run with the group and I was glad I did!  The temp was in the upper 50’s so I got warmed up pretty quickly.  We’re on week 9 which has us running 23 minutes, however I stopped to walk twice for about 2 mins each time.  Overall, still not a bad average time 🙂

I’ve worn my new Muzino Wave Rider 16 shoes for the last two runs and although I don’t notice any big difference during my runs, I have noticed that my feet are not cramping after the run…hmmm, interesting.  I’ve got about 3 weeks until our group 5K (ACC Championship 5K) so I really need to start buckling down if I want to ‘run’ the whole 5K.  Wish me luck!

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