ACC 5K results

I completed the race on Saturday with my Run for God group.  I have to say its so much more fun and motivating to be there with a group!!

We met at the church at 6:30am to carpool to the race and the weather was actually a pleasant 60 degrees – but there was a chance of rain.  By the time we got uptown and parked, the weather had changed quite dramatically – it was only a 20 minute ride!!  As we walked to the check-in area we braved a pretty strong head wind and misty rain – the temps had dropped to the mid 50’s as well.  I was so glad I had worn pants and a long sleeve top, others weren’t so fortunate.  The saving grace was the long sleeve t-shirts they gave out with our bibs!

As for the race, I have to say I was pretty happy that the course was fairly flat.  There was only one significant hill and it came right after the 2 mile marker.  They had a timer set up at mile 1 and I passed it at 12:36…not too bad.  My final time was 40:07; slower than I finished a few years back but I was also 20lbs lighter and in better shape!

Overall I’m very happy with this outcome and I think I might join the group for the next Run for God program which is 10k or Half.  I don’t know that I’ll really try to complete the 10k training but just meeting with the group each week will help me maintain my running plan.

ACC 5K results 12.7.13.jpg

One thought on “ACC 5K results

  1. Congratulations! You must be feeling very pleased with yourself. 🙂
    Good to hear you’re thinking about joining the group for the next program too. As you say, you don’t have to train for the distance – as long as it keeps you on track and you’re enjoying running with the group, that’s what counts. Well done!


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