Anytime Fitness

I’m thinking of joining our local Anytime Fitness gym so I can continue my running program as the weather gets colder.  I live in SC (north-west part of the state) and although it doesn’t get bitter cold, I don’t like running outside when the temps drop below 40.  Seasoned runners might gawk at that but that’s just how I feel…I’ve never enjoyed cold weather.  The timing of joining also coincides with my company getting a corporate discount and during the month of December they’re waiving the joining fee.  It looks like this will be the best, most inexpensive time to pull the trigger.

I followed the corp discount link and they offered a two week free trial so I signed up.  Tonight was my first visit for a workout, I logged 2.78 miles counting my warm up & cool down.  The atmosphere was pretty nice, they keep the temperature comfortable – not too cold before the workout and not too hot after.  There are ample treadmills available – at least there were tonight and plenty of other equipment too.  The one thing I thought was most interesting is they have cardio workouts on video and you can close yourself up in a room and workout whenever you show up…pretty cool.  I may use that to get in some variety of movement rather than just running.

Here’s my stats for tonight; my overall pace was pretty slow.  I walked quite a bit because that big Target Heart Rate sign was right in front of me and every time I checked I was way over the target zone.  Guess I need more conditioning!


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