5K to 10K…really?

Well, I did it!  I committed to joining the next Run for God program which is to run a 10k or Half…oh boy!  I told them that I may not make that distance but I wanted to keep training with a group to keep me motivated.  I’m also going to join the local Anytime Fitness club so I’ll have plenty of options for cross training or running inside if the weather is too cold for me.

I think I had already made up my mind a few days ago when I purchased the 5k to 10k program through RunDouble and then proceeded to ‘test out’ Week 1 Day 1 on Saturday at the gym.  The workout was to run 5 intervals of 8 minutes with a 1 min brisk walk in between.  I also decided I would start out slow and try to increase my speed with each interval…nothing major just a little bump each time.  I started out at 4.8 and increased to 5.2 – the first two intervals were OK but by the third I was getting pretty tired so I had to stop and walk half way through.  For the 4th & 5th intervals I only ran for 3 mins and walked the rest.  That dang pesky Target Heart Rate poster was staring me down again and each time I checked my HR I was above ‘my’ zone so I slowed to a fast walk at 4.5.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad workout and I’m happy that I finished it…including the WU & CD it was just shy of 4 miles…not too bad.


4 thoughts on “5K to 10K…really?

  1. I think that is an awesome goal! Committing to a race has certainly helped me focus on my running and not give up. (I mentioned you in my blog post today – ‘Monday mentions’) Keep runnin’! 🙂


  2. Well done signing up for an event is a good way to keep motivated. Keep increasing the distance slow and drop the pace and you will be fine and surprised how quickly it comes together. Good luck


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