Saturday run…

My last run was Tuesday night with the RFG girls at the middle school.  I had every intention of working out Wed & Thurs doing some sort of cross-training but alas that didn’t happen.  So I made sure I got up this morning and went to Anytime Fitness to get three miles in on the treadmill (p.s. I joined!).  After I finished I realized it would’ve been a perfect day to run outside since the temps reached 72 today – duh!  But I’m glad I got my run in early because I’m sure I would’ve found some reason not to do it later.  And as much as I find the treadmill boring, I like it for keeping my pace even.  When I run outside my pace is all over the place (anywhere from 4.7-5.1 according to my C25K program) so the treadmill makes me keep an even tempo.

I still needed to take a few walk breaks but I tried to keep them above 4.0 and less than 2 minutes.  My overall pace is just slightly better than my last several runs, not sure if that means I’m getting better or I just had a good day! lol!


One thought on “Saturday run…

  1. Good going! It’s not easy finding the time or motivation to run at this time of year, especially with the cold weather, so it’s great you’ve got access to a treadmill now. Happy running! 🙂


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