Moving again

I started back on an exercise routine yesterday and so far my broken toe has been holding up pretty well.  I decided it would be best to try the stationary bike which would not put a lot of pressure on my foot, and I was right.  I rode for 7 miles and the only thing that hurt was my butt!  I think I got a pretty decent work out because I let the machine dictate my course which had several small inclines; the machine said I burned 227 calories in 40 minutes…not too bad.


The next Run for God kick off meeting was tonight but I couldn’t go because it’s my FIL’s birthday and we always take him to Texas Roadhouse for dinner on his birthday.  I did pickup the RFG book early and it called for a 1.5 mile tempo/speed run today.  I was a little anxious about running with my toe still tender but I decided to give it a go and gave myself permission to stop if it got bad.  I went to the gym at lunch and started with a slow warm up walk at 2.5mph for 5 minutes; I could feel my toe but nothing too bad.  I changed the speed to 5mph and ran for 12 mins before I slowed to 3.5 for a minute to walk.  I pushed back to 5mph for a few more minutes and because I wanted to make up the time I stopped to walk, I pushed the speed to 5.5 for the last two minutes.  First, I can’t believe I could do it all since I haven’t run since 12/26 and second, I can’t believe my toe wasn’t screaming at this point but it really wasn’t…yay  🙂  I finished up with a slow 5 min walk and called it a day.


The RFG program calls for a 2 mile ‘easy, slow run’ tomorrow…ha! I can do that since I already run pretty slow…lol

2 thoughts on “Moving again

    1. Thanks! I was pretty excited that I could still run at my regular pace – not just because of my toe but because I hadn’t run since Dec 26. My toe is a little sore this morning so I’m going to wait till later to get my 2 miles in, I want to keep it elevated most of the morning.


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