I may be getting ahead of myself

The Run for God 10K program called for a 2 mile ‘easy, slow run’ today.  I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill bound and determined to get it done.  For the first 5 mins I warmed up at a slow walk and I could feel my toe starting to ache but I soldiered on.  I increased the speed to 5 mph and ran for a mile before slowing to walk, I could feel discomfort in my toe but I figured I was halfway there so I might as well finish.  I increased the speed but only to 4.7 and ran for 1/2 mile and slowed to walk again…I repeated this until I reached 2 miles.  So YAY! I completed the run but I can tell you my toe does not like me right now!


The RFG program calls for another 2 mile run tomorrow…however I think I need to give my toe a rest.  I was wondering if using the elliptical would make a difference, I wouldn’t be pounding on my foot as I moved.  Does anyone have any experience on the elliptical?  If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll get back on the stationary bike.

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