Back at it

I didn’t work out Thursday or Friday to give my toe a break (no pun intended) so I was ready to get back to it today.  The RFG program called for a 3 mile long, slow run today and I just didn’t think it would be good to put my toe through that yet so I decided I would give the elliptical machine a try.  Since it doesn’t require me to actually land on my foot during the movements it seemed like a good idea.

I warmed up for 5 minutes and then I restarted the machine on the ‘weight loss’ program which included changing the resistance several times.  I’ve never used the elliptical before so I wasn’t quite sure I would get a good workout…oh boy, did I get a workout!  I finished 2 miles in 25:45 and had to restart to complete the third mile.  My quads and calves were killing me but I didn’t want to stop short…good news was my toe was feeling just fine!

I finished the third mile in 14:00 which is slower than my normal pace but hey, the program called for a long, SLOW run 🙂  Overall, I’m happy with the workout but I’ll be grateful to get back on the treadmill (or outside when it warms up) to run.


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