R4G 10k, Week 2

This week’s program is almost identical to last week except the LSD run on Saturday will be 3.5 miles.  Today called for a tempo run and until last week I didn’t really understand what that was.  I’ve learned that a tempo run should be done at just slightly less than 5K pace and I’d like to run a 5K at a 12:00 pace.  Our group meeting was tonight and the plan was to run with the group afterward, however mother nature made it very unpleasant so I opted for going to the gym and hitting the treadmill (I’m not sure how I’m going to handle running outside when I finally get to again!).

I warmed up with a 5 minute walk and then I set the treadmill at 5 mph.  I planned to run 18 minutes straight and I was doing well up until the 13 minute mark when I backed it down to 4.5 for a minute.  To make up for the time I lost I finished the last minute at 5.5 and completed the 1.5 miles in 18:02.  Woot! Woot!!  It was hard but I want to maintain running for longer periods so I’ve got to start somewhere.


Tomorrow is the 2 mile easy slow run and the weather is not supposed to be any better so I’ll be back on the treadmill again…this time I’ll set the speed at 4.7 and try to complete the 2 miles without slowing down…we’ll see!

One thought on “R4G 10k, Week 2

  1. Nice work, Sharon! Slowing the pace down for the longer run sounds like a good idea. You can always ramp it up a bit on the final stretch if you’ve got enough energy left. 🙂


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